In the K-Pop world, idols come up with many ways to make a heart, whether using just their hands or their whole body. Some examples are the finger heart, the apple heart or the classic two-handed heart. Idols never cease to amaze fans with their creativity in showing their love and appreciation.

WOODZ is one of the most modern K-Pop idols. From his fashion sense to his musicianship, the soloist is one of a kind and often the center of attention wherever he goes. The idol is also active on social media on Instagram and Twitter. This weekend, being the innovator that they are, WOODZ introduced a new kind of heart to fans via Twitter.

At first, he shares a photo of a teeth x-ray on his personal Twitter. It seems normal enough until he posts a follow-up tweet, using his teeth to draw the outline of a heart.

WOODZ liked the idea so much that they even changed their Instagram profile picture to the teeth x-ray.

WOODZ presents a new kind of heart for fans

WOODZ official Instagram

Many fans appreciated the idol’s creativity and dedication to this new discovery. Although he is not able to show this heart at fan meetings or during live performances, the soloist will always retain the title of creator of the heart of teeth. Leave it to WOODZ to think outside the box and give fans something to smile about.

What do you think of WOODZ’s new way to make a heart? Let us know in the comments!

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