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Mental health care is extremely important, even among our favorite K-Pop idols and K-Drama stars. It’s no longer a taboo subject that is dismissed or ignored, as many Korean celebrities have opened up about their own struggles and encounters with mental health.

Woo Do Hwan It is BoNa from WJSN recently started their journey as the main characters of “Joseon Advocate: A Morality“. They play lawyer Kang HanSoo (Woo DoHwan) and brave princess in disguise, Lee YeonJoo (BoNa). Before the drama’s early premiere, the two did a photo shoot for Marie Claire Korea.

They had the opportunity to sit down with the fashion magazine and discuss their thoughts on various subjects. One question was on the topic of mental health and how they maintain it.

Check out the mental health tips below.

Woo Do Hwan

Woo DoHwan’s suggestion comes from something he saw on Instagram or YouTube Shorts. He suggests that when you get really angry, set a 10-minute alarm. In those 10 minutes, think hard about why you got angry in the first place. When those 10 minutes are up, forget about it immediately.

DoHwan’s suggestion is very practical and forces you to take time for self-reflection. It’s an encouragement not only to face your feelings, but also to figure out why you’re feeling a certain way in the first place.

BoNa from WJSN

BoNa takes a slightly different approach to maintaining her mental health. When she is angry, she describes herself as the type to try to forget about the situation. For this, BoNa seeks out things that she likes to do. This involves activities like watching a movie or reading a book.

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Although BoNa’s methods are different from DoHwan’s, the goal is still the same. By focusing on the things you enjoy, it becomes easier to forget about and overcome the various stressors in life. It opens the way for positive thinking and the opportunity to focus our attention elsewhere, so we don’t get consumed by negative emotions.

Woo DoHwan and BoNa’s tips for maintaining good mental health make sense and can be applied in our daily lives. It encourages us not to dwell too long on negative emotions and instead look to the bright future full of fun and excitement.

Have you tried these methods to maintain your own personal mental health? Let us know in the comments!

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