“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

N°3 Pictures / PB’s “Unintentional Love Story” at Ridibooks

“Unitentional Love Story” is a BL drama that follows the story of WonYoung, an employee of the TaePyeong Group who encounters the hidden brilliant potter Yoon TaeJoon.

This BL drama is based on the webtoon “Unitentional Love Story” (비의도적 연애담 in Korean) written and illustrated by PB (피비).

This web drama is also one of the many BL dramas that will be released in 2023.

The leads of the drama are B1A4’s GongChan and Cha SeoWon.

B1A4 member GongChan starred in the dramas “Mokkoji Kitchen”, “Dear My Name”, “Travel Through Romance 1.5”, and “Delicious Love”.

Actor Cha Seo Won appeared in the dramas “Second Husband”, “Miss Lee” and “Live Or Die”.

PB“Unintentional Love Story” was serialized by ridibooks. The webtoon won the grand prize in the Ebooks category at the Ridibooks BL Comics Awards in 2021.

Here are more information.

Unintentional Love Story (2023)

“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 web drama): cast and summary

Official “Unintentional Love Story”


Title: Unintentional Love Story / Biuidojeok Yeonaedam / Unintentional Love Story

Director: Jang Eui Soon

Writer: Shin JiAn

Network: No. 3 Photos

Runtime: From March 17th

Number of episodes: 10

Gender: BL, Romance, Comedy

Language: Korean


Even though he is innocent of any wrongdoing, Ji Won Young was suspended from his position after his superior was removed from office due to a corruption scandal. Trying to get his job back, he sets out to find the president’s favorite artist. He found the artist in a remote town and it’s clear he doesn’t want to be found. WonYoung decides to try to find out what happened to Yoon TaeJoon and starts to question his sexuality.

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“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 web drama): cast and summary

TVING / “Unintentional Love Story” by PB at Ridibooks

Cha Seo Won as Yoon Tae Joon

Yoon TaeJoon is a genius potter and a recluse who goes into hiding. He is a man of few words, with a personality described as prickly, but hides an affectionate side under his tough exterior.

“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 web drama): cast and summary

TVING / “Unintentional Love Story” by PB at Ridibooks

B1A4’s Gong Chan as Ji Won Young

Ji Won Young is an employee of a large conglomerate. He was suspended from his job and now needs to win the heart of TaeJoon, who happens to be his president’s favorite artist. WonYoung’s bright personality clashes with icy TaeJoon’s, but the two end up liking each other.

teasers and posters

Here’s one of the official teasers.

Here is the official poster.

“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 web drama): cast and summary

No. 3 Photos

“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 web drama): cast and summary


“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 web drama): cast and summary


“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 web drama): cast and summary


about the webtoon

“Unintentional Love Story” (Unintentional Love Story in Korean) is a BL webtoon written and illustrated by PB (Phoebe).

“WonYoung is unfairly suspended from work after getting caught up in a corruption scandal. But when he accidentally discovers that the president’s favorite artist, Yoon TaeJoon, lives under an alias, he’s given a tricky new assignment. Could this be WonYoung’s chance to get his job back?” – Lejinus

You can read the webtoon in Korean here and in English here.

Take a look at the webtoon below.

“Unintentional Love Story” (2023 web drama): cast and summary

“Unintentional Love Story” by PB at Ridibooks

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