We started this article by making the claim that ‘NEW DIAZ‘ is bop and one of the best songs we’ve heard from a K-Pop group this year. Beautiful, well-produced melodies, incredible balance with the instrumentals, catchy rhythm and a synergistic flow between each verse that makes it so easy to listen to.

For TRENDZ members, after watching ‘TRAMP‘ It is ‘WHO‘ we’ve noticed an impressive level of growth in their talents, with some of the members even rising to prominence in other positions. And with ‘NEW DAYZ’ we firmly believe that TRENDZ is a well-rounded team of talented individuals who are clearly passionate about their craft, consistent with their growth and ready to deliver with a level of craftsmanship that makes you doubt their years of experience and keeps you excited for what they do next. . .

As fans of the idol group since their debut in 2022, watching ‘NEW DAYZ’ perform makes our cheeks lift into a wide smile, our hearts fill with love, and our shoulders rise with pride as we somehow feel as proud parents watching their talented children realize their dreams. And the funny thing is, they’re just getting started.

Here is our take on each of the members and their NEW DAYZ performances so far.

Like Greek theologians, we often sing the praises of YeChan and his incredible performance talent. With every performance he gives, he continues to blow our minds with his incredible charisma and moves. His ability to connect with his audience is quite fascinating and we can see him grow to become one of the best artists of this K-Pop generation. He’s already an inch closer to that mark in our humble opinion.

LION! How can we begin to describe the absolute talent that is Leon? Leon is like magic, he is mesmerizing and leaves you in a state of pure fascination and intrigue with his performances.. One of the reasons we find Leon very attractive is that, regardless of his position on stage, he is always giving 110%. With Leon, every move counts and needs to be made with a level of subtlety and power that the entire world is watching. And Leon, the whole world will soon be watching.

HaVit is the new prince of duality and we stand by our claim. Offstage, he’s the cutest bean whose every word or action will have you squealing adorably. And onstage, adorable screams turn into screams of emotion and jaw-dropping reactions as you are simply stunned and amazed by their performances. From this writer’s perspective, this duality adds a lot to Havit’s appeal and helps him as he is clearly capable of delivering an impressive performance in any kind of concept. And when it comes to her vocals, the growth is very evident.. Simply incredible! HaVit deserves all the spotlight for his talent and if he continues on this path, he will shine brighter than the sun.

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YoonWoo has always been a powerful and completely attractive dancer on stage. With his impressive physique, he already captures viewers’ attention, but he turns that attention into interest with the rest of the elements he brings to his presentations. With fluid and precise movements, breathtaking expressions and impressive stage presence, YoonWoo undoubtedly continues to grow and always delivers a powerful stage performance.

Another impressive performance, one thing we can rightly acknowledge with ra.L is an incredible level of growth. As a rapper, we see him grow with his delivery and flow with every return, and with ‘NEW DAYZ’, he scores a big A for his rap verses and his performances too. He’s always a joy to watch and that level of consistency only adds to his appeal as subtle or big, you feel a sense of pride in his accomplishments, as you embark on this journey with him.

Eunil is a star and perhaps there is no other way to describe him correctly. Her onstage aura is like no other. So magnetic that you somehow find him onstage even when the camera isn’t on him. And he never fails to impress with his delivery. His vocals are so amazing and his performances also follow suit. Eunil is definitely someone to keep an eye on, we predict he will be like a box full of wonderful surprises.

Hankook has always understood this little thing called stage presence. since his debut, but with ‘NEW DAYZ’, the power and aura he exudes on stage is so mesmerizing. He fills the stage with his essence, leaving a burning flame of footprints with every step he takes as he executes his dance moves. Hankook hasn’t disappointed with his phases thus far, and we don’t see that fact changing in the future.

Check out some of the complete steps below.

Did you like ‘NEW DAYZ’? Tell us what your favorite stage performance has been so far.

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