Lee Jong Suk is a prominent Hallyu actor known for his modeling features and memorable roles. Every K-Drama he stars in becomes a global hit, adding to his storied repertoire. Even her cameos cause a stir, with fans flooding social media sites over a small appearance. Lee Jong Suk’s popularity and acting skills are out of this world, deserving all recognition and praise.

His handsome physique and remarkable talents are not his only qualities as the actor is also very loyal and kind-hearted. Over the years, he has repeatedly shown how sweet he is to former co-stars, acquaintances and close friends, proving that his heart is made of pure gold.

Here’s a collection of moments that showcase his unwavering loyalty and generous nature.

1. Appearing in “Gogh, The Starry Night”

Lee Jong Suk made a cameo in the web drama “Gogh, The Starry Night”. The actor was linked to the PD Yo Soo Wonwho directed the hit series “I can hear your voice” It is “Pinocchio“. Working on two dramas together, it seems that Lee JongSuk and PD Jo SooWon have created a special and lasting bond.

2. Attending Yoon Sanghyun’s daughter’s birthday

Hallyu Star Lee JongSuk's Heartwarming Generosity and Loyalty

Lee Jong Suk’s Instagram

In 2016, Lee Jong Suk attended a birthday party for the actor’s daughter. Yoon Sanghyun. He went there with the veteran actress Lee Bo Young. Lee Jong Suk worked with the two on “I Can Hear Your Voice”. He also previously worked with Yoon Sanghyun on the legendary hit series, “secret Garden“.

3. Food Trucks for “Doctors”

During “doctors” filming in 2016, Lee JongSuk sent two food trucks to Shin Hye Park, Yoon KyunSangIt is Lee Sung Kyung. Park ShinHye and Yoon KyunSang previously worked together with the actor in “Pinocchio”. While Lee JongSuk and Lee SungKyoung have been friends for over 10 years. Lee Jong Suk is an admirable friend!

4. Coffee truck for PD JinKyuk

Hallyu Star Lee JongSuk's Heartwarming Generosity and Loyalty

JinHyuk’s FaceBook

It seems that Lee Jong Suk’s generosity knows no bounds. The actor once sent a coffee truck to a talented director Jin Hyuk who was working as a PD for “The Legend of the Blue Sea“. The two met during the time in “Doctor Stanger“.

Hallyu Star Lee JongSuk's Heartwarming Generosity and Loyalty

JinHyuk’s FaceBook

The Hallyu star even went out of his way to visit the filming location to show his unwavering support. Lee JongSuk certainly doesn’t seem like an outsider, able to befriend the entire cast and crew he works with.

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5. Yoon KyunSang’s Coffee Truck and “Three Meals a Day” Appearance

Hallyu Star Lee JongSuk's Heartwarming Generosity and Loyalty

Yoon KyunSang’s Instagram

Yoon KyunSang received even more truckloads of coffee from Lee JongSuk on the set of two dramas,”oh the mysterious” It is “Clean with passion from now on“.

So fans of the actors can’t forget their meeting on the tvN show.”Three meals a day“. Yoon KyunSang was a fixed cast member and Lee Jong Suk came as a guest. The two showed their deep friendship and sweet chemistry that made viewers swoon over and over again.

Hallyu Star Lee JongSuk's Heartwarming Generosity and Loyalty

Lee Jong Suk’s Instagram

Lee Jong Suk and kim woo binTheir friendship is one of the most famous in Korean entertainment. They’ve known each other since they started out as models, developing a strong and unbreakable friendship. In 2018, they traveled to the tropical islands of Hawaii together. Eagle-eyed fans spotted them on the island of O’ahu, enjoying their time together. We all need a friendship like Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin.

Hallyu Star Lee JongSuk's Heartwarming Generosity and Loyalty

Go SungHee’s Instagram

Lee Jong Suk sent yet another coffee truck to actress Ko Sung Hee. The two acted together in the drama “While You Were Sleeping”. The coffee truck arrived on October 9, 2018 for the filming of the drama “Mrs. Ma, Nemesis“. The Hallyu star also added a hilarious message that reads “SungHee, let’s drink coffee instead of soju today!” Lee JongSuk not only has a kind heart, but he also possesses a comical wit.

Hallyu Star Lee JongSuk's Heartwarming Generosity and Loyalty

Lee SangYeob’s Instagram

Once Lee Jong Suk’s friend, always Lee Jong Suk’s friend. Hallyu star sent a coffee truck to former “While You Were Sleeping” co-star Lee SangYeob on the set of his drama, “Again“. Although they were rivals in “While You Were Sleeping”, that bad blood was obviously just for show. In real life, they are quite friendly with each other, making even non-fans jealous of their sweet relationship.

9. Cast in “Hymn of Death”

Some say Lee Jong Suk’s choice to star “death anthem” may be linked to his loyalty to the PD Park Soojin. Park SooJin was the director of “While You Were Sleeping”. If that’s the case, the two really hit it off and enjoyed their time working together. Hope they can collaborate on more work in the future!

What do you think of Lee Jong Suk’s generosity and kind nature? Let us know in the comments!

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