JTBC’s survival competition show “Peak Time” is in full swing and is consistently one of the hottest topics each week. From the beginning, with its different approach to survival programs, it has piqued the interest of many viewers in the last few weeks of airing. We managed to discover these hidden gems of the K-Pop industry that have been waiting for the right moment to shine!

Last week, the show wrapped up the collaboration round where four teams came together to create one giant unit. These units would go on to participate in three different categories, which included vocal, rap, and dance. Each group’s performances were jaw-dropping and left us in a state of shock and wonder for days. Even looking back, it’s hard to believe that so much talent was hidden from the public eye!

We’ve collected the full performance videos that got the most views on the official YouTube channel “Peak Time”. Check the list below!

The data for this article was collected on March 22, 2023 at 12:50 PM KST and the views for each video may have changed afterwards.

1. Team C Dance Unit – Christopher’s ‘Bad’ (1,699,648 views)

Team C’s Dance Unit got the most views out of all the full performance videos from the “Peak Time” collaboration round. With their smooth dance moves, the contestants even received recognition from the original singer of the song they sang! Team C’s Dance Unit gained 1,699,648 views on YouTube.

2. Team D Vocal Unit – IU’s ‘My Sea’ (393,618 views)

Team D’s Vocal Unit took second place with their own rendition of IU’s ‘My Sea’. They touched the hearts of viewers everywhere and gained 393,618 views on YouTube.

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3. Team B Dance Unit – AJR’s ‘Bang!’ (273,112 views)

Team B’s Dance Unit took third place with their impressive performance. They nailed it from the first second with their passion, engaging facial expressions and skillful movements. They got 273,112 views on YouTube.

4. Team A Dance Unit – ‘Gimme Gimme’ by Johnny Stimson (152,680 views)

Team A’s Dance Unit mesmerized the audience, earning the title of the fourth most viewed complete performance on the official YouTube “Peak Time”. Their collaboration efforts yielded 152,680 views.

5. Team D Dance Unit – ‘Power’ by Little Mix (149,708 views)

Team D’s Dance Unit is last on the list, but its view count is no ordinary feat! Their performance was captivating and set the entire stage on fire from beginning to end. The collaboration earned them 149,708 views on YouTube.

The “Peak Time” contestants seem to be getting better as the show goes on. It’s such a shame there can only be one winner as they are all such talented individuals! This feeling can certainly be felt by thousands, seeing how many watched the full performance videos on YouTube.

Are you also watching JTBC’s “Peak Time”? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!

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