The 4 Best K-Pop Songs That Will Be On The Fan Playlist As Voted By Global Fans

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Spring is almost upon us, which means that, as with every other season, it’s time to curate a playlist of spring-themed songs that will make you feel in tune with the moods and sentiments affixed to the season.

Over the years, many K-Pop idols have released spring-themed songs for their fans’ appreciation. Projecting the love for the station and the benefits it brings to every type of relationship, these songs have undoubtedly earned themselves a good spot on the playlists of many.

With a long list of songs that make the season even more special, we ran a fun poll asking our readers to vote for the spring song they’ll have on their Playlist. Many votes were cast and we thank you for your enthusiastic participation.

The results are there! Here are the top 4 K-Pop songs that will be on fan playlists, as voted by global fans.

4. UI – ‘LILAC’

In 2021, maybe the only song everyone was loving was ‘LILAC’ by IU. From its smooth melodies to its meaningful lyrics, the song resonated deeply with fans who found a sense of comfort and understanding in it. With the complement of its groovy instrumentals, this song is very easy to listen to and definitely deserves a place in your playlist, no matter the season. With 12.3% (769) of the total votes, it ranks 4th in the poll.

2. OH ​​MY GIRL – ‘The Fifth Season (SSFWL)’

OH MY GIRL looks to add Love as the fifth season with this fantastic track. The soft sing-along turns into a vibrant and powerful chorus that adds a contrasting yet special and exciting feeling to the track. And alongside its beautiful melodies, smooth and airy intonation and fantasy concept, this track has Spring written all over it. With 12.4% (771), it also ranks 2nd in the survey.

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2. THE BOYZ – ‘Bloom Bloom’

THE BOYZ have an impressive discography filled with unique songs that perfectly fit the theme of every mood. For spring, ‘Bloom Bloom’ is a clear choice, because with its lyrics alone, it talks about the feeling of love that blooms like the flowers of the season. And combined with its bright and cheerful concept, amazing melodies and pop instrumentals, this song remains a favorite of many fans with 12.4% (771) of the total votes, ranking second in the poll.

It’s not every day that we witness a dream collaboration between two incredible K-Pop vocalists. This song by Suzy and Baekhyun is one that can still give you goosebumps, not just for the melodic vocals, but for the artists themselves. The beautiful ballad not only relies on the performers’ soulful vocals, but has a jazzy edge that makes you want to bang your head or snap your fingers to the beat. And with its beautiful lyrics that project the kind of unique love the characters have for each other, according to global fans, this song is a perfect spring song as it has all the elements that fit with the happy theme. of the season. With 56.9% (3,550) of the total votes, it occupies the 1st place in the poll.

You can check the poll below.

Which K-Pop song would you recommend our readers for spring? Let us know in the comments section.

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