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JTBC’s”Rush hour” reached its climax last Wednesday with a total of 6 teams vying for the top spot. The finale of the show did not disappoint as all the contestants gave impressive performances that left the audience speechless and cheering their name. The fans of the show took to social media to leave messages of support for the teams for all the harsh words they put into the survival program.

For the final leg, all teams performed original songs and were finally able to use their groups’ original names. After the show ended and the winner was crowned, JTBC uploaded the groups’ complete performances to YouTube. Fans flocked to the internet to relive the moment and watch these incredible performances over and over again.

Before the dust settles too much, we’ve rounded up the final full-camera presentations that garnered the most views on the official “Rush Hour” YouTube channel. Check it out below!

The data for this article was collected on April 21, 2023 at 11:25 am KST and the views for each video may have changed afterwards.

1. Crew 24:00 – ‘This That Shhh’ (84,230 views)

Made of heedo, Kim ByeongJoo, goneIt is Moon JongUp, Team 24:00 was a group of soloists assembled specifically for “Rush Hour”. Despite being soloists, they fit together wonderfully and showed impeccable teamwork until the final stage. With this full camera performance, they got 84,230 views on YouTube.

2. VANNER – ‘Prime Time’ (77,343 views)

VANNER went out the gates running and they ran the whole time. The quintet proved that they are an idol group that deserves the spotlight. With this full camera performance, they got 77,343 views on YouTube.

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3. MASC – ‘WAVE’ (30,069 views)

MASC may have been a duo, but they managed to fill the stage with just their presence. They were recognized for their majestic vocals from the beginning of the show and continued to impress with each passing round. With this full camera performance, they got 30,069 views on YouTube.

Did you watch the final round of JTBC’s “Peak Time”? What was your favorite performance? Let us know in the comments!

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