Is your drama slate ready for April? If not, don’t worry. We are here to help you make your choice for the new month.

In our previous list, we indicated dramas from April (here). Let’s take a look at the web dramas airing this month.

Here’s a selection of 3 web dramas airing in April that you shouldn’t forget to watch. (This list only includes web dramas).

Observation: Web dramas starting in the last few days of March have been included as they will air during the month of April.

1. “After School Duty”

Top 3 Korean Web Dramas to Have on Your Watchlist in April 2023


When: March 31

Cast: Shin HyunSoo, Lim SeMi, Kim KiHae, Lee Soon Won, Choi Moon HeeKim Su Gyeom

Gender: Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Summary: High school students have their exams coming up, but instead of studying hard, they end up waging war against aliens.

Why yearn for it?: The whole school finds the military and alien concept is something we haven’t seen on K-Drama screens before. Also, if you liked “All of Us Are Dead”, you will surely like this drama as well. In fact, if you like it and want more, you can even read the webtoon it’s based on.

2. “The Eighth Sense”

Top 3 Korean Web Dramas to Have on Your Watchlist in April 2023


When: March 29th

Cast: Lim JiSub, Oh JunTaek

Gender: BL, Romance, Youth

Summary: It tells the story of two young people in their 20s and their love story that begins with mutual curiosity.

Why yearn for it?: First and foremost, the actors have fantastic visual chemistry and promise some exciting moments in the drama. Second, the plot itself sounds like an entirely relatable story that will help viewers empathize with the story.

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3. “Decoy Season 2”

Top 3 Korean Web Dramas to Have on Your Watchlist in April 2023

Coupon Play

When: April 7th

Cast: Lee Elijah, Jang Keun Suk, Heo Sung Tae

Gender: Suspense, Crime

Summary: A continuation of Season 1, where a lawyer turned detective tries to uncover the truth behind an old case using information from current cases to find the suspect. His destiny gets involved with a reporter and a crook.

Why yearn for it?: Fans really liked the first season because of its interesting narrative, intelligent characters and fascinating plot. Naturally, there’s a lot of anticipation building for the second season, which should showcase an even more interesting story than the first.

Which web drama will you add to your watchlist? Let us know in the comments!

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