Top 3 Korean Dating Reality Shows That Fans Are Looking Forward To Its Next Season The Most According To Kpopmap Readers

Korean reality dating shows are slowly and steadily taking over the airwaves as they have started to pique the interest of global fans. An element that has added to the global K-Wave, these reality shows feature two things that many fans enjoy the most these days, South Korean content and a reality show. With many of them centered around love and happily ever after romances, these themed shows continue to grab audiences’ attention as they often serve up a level of drama that’s really fun to watch.

With a long list of reality shows that have aired over the past two years, we ran a fun poll asking our readers to vote for the show they were most looking forward to next season. Many votes were cast and we thank you for your participation.

The results are there! Here are the top 3 Korean dating reality shows that fans are most looking forward to next season, according to Kpopmap readers.

1. “Love Hunter”

This reality dating show revolves around the defiant desire for true love or money. In this show, 10 complete strangers are placed in the same building as they all hope to find love. However, it comes with a twist as there are some who are in it, not for the love but for the money. It’s up to the contestants to find out who is really interested in love and who is just here for the money. With its interesting storyline and exciting dramas that follow, fans found this show to be the most entertaining and would love to see its next season. With 42.3%, it ranks 1st in the survey.

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2. “Transit Love”

“Transit Love” is perhaps one of the most complex and exciting reality shows today. The series brings together 4 pairs of ex-couples hoping to reconcile with their exes or find someone new. With a plot filled with tension and drama, since its first airing, the series continues to attract a lot of attention from global fans who tune in with enthusiasm to see the love story of a new couple or the road to reconciliation of an ex-couple. With 36.0% of the votes, fans would love a new season of this series, as it ranks 2nd in the poll.

3. “EDEN”

The reality dating show “EDEN” brings together 8 strangers who try to form romantic feelings for each other without knowing their occupation, age or any other background information. Its refreshing concept about love that revolves around the true feelings itself struck a positive chord with many. While it received mixed reviews from many viewers of the show, fans would still love to see a new season as with 10.2% of the total votes, it ranks 3rd in the poll.

You can check the poll below.

Which of these shows did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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