Top 15 Instagram updates by K-Pop idols (5th week of March 2023)

Rocky’s official Instagram / Ten’s official Instagram

A new week means new and amazing content from our favorite idols that further increases our love and admiration for them. Each week, we all receive a plethora of quality updates from K-Pop idols, who continue to use social media to connect and engage with their growing fan base. And time and time again, as well as their incredible music and performances, when it comes to social media, particularly Instagram and the kind of updates they regularly share, these idols never fail to disappoint, as with every scroll, we find ourselves fiercely playing two times on our screens with emotion.

Every week, with our Instabuzz Weekly article, we collect some of the best Instagram updates from your favorite K-Pop idols and share them with our global readers. At the end of this themed article, we run a fun poll asking our readers to vote for their absolute favorites from the selections listed.

From swoon-worthy photo shoots to the most adorable selfies, here are our picks of the top 15 Instagram updates made by K-Pop idols in the 5th week of March 2023.

A Rocky update always earns a foothold in this themed article because he shares the best types of photos that just make you smile, make your heart swell with love, or simply combine the two reactions. Looking like the cutest boyfriend ever!

Goofy! Just super goofy and hilarious! Leeteuk posts the best types of rolls that will make you burst out laughing. Check out their page for more!

We haven’t been blessed with a Kim YoHan selfie in a good minute and we’re grateful he chose to remind us of his ethereal looks this week.

Breathtaking! There aren’t enough words to describe Karina’s stunning looks in these photos.

The solo artist shares an update of his “favorite outfits” and we must say, he looks so chic and handsome in them. We love every piece of clothing. Visit to Kim WooJin’s closet when?!

When it comes to Instagram, there are two things YeonJun will always do: share awesome content and rock a photo shoot.

Is it magic or have a strong core force? Either way, we’re loving this adorable photo of the subunit.

Stunning, mesmerizing, beautiful, pretty, the list of words goes on as we are truly enthralled by SoYeon’s gorgeous looks in these photos.

Is this the cutest update of the week? We absolutely think so! ChangBin is the cutest bunny in glasses and we’re falling in love with his endearing charms in this look.

Here is YooJun subtly reminding us that makeup or no makeup, when it comes to this thing called looks, he just happens to be a top ranker.

Spring is here and Ten Bunny is here to enjoy the cherry blossoms! Ten always serves up the best boyfriend material vibes. Charming and adorable!

Rosé shares a series of cute and adorable moments from her recent appearance at an event in New York.

The moment and highlight of the week! A dance challenge and an Instagram photo! We can finally rest easy! We hope to have more interactions between EXO and ATEEZ in the future. Maybe a special phase!!!

It’s Cha EunWoo’s week as the famous idol celebrated his birthday this week. We join the host of his global fans in wishing him a happy birthday!

Spend a day at the seaside with JeongHan. Somehow, we’re left wondering what if a mermaid comes out of the water, what will her reaction be?!

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