Top 15 Instagram updates by K-Pop idols (3rd week of March 2023)

Rocky’s Instagram / THE BOYZ’s Instagram / HanGyeom’s Instagram / HwaSa’s Instagram / DKB’s Instagram

Instagram is one of the best visual social platforms that allow people to share and connect with others through a variety of content. And for our favorite idols and groups, the use and value of this platform is very important. Every week, our favorite idols and groups regularly share a large amount of quality content that thrills the hearts of their dear fans, making us eagerly love to post, comment and even share with others as well.

This week, our selections were very difficult as many idols showed their solid game on Instagram by releasing the best content. From fashion events to birthday celebrations, adorable selfies and stylish OOTD pics, here are our picks of the top 15 Instagram updates made by K-Pop idols in the 3rd week of March 2023.

Beautiful to death! Everyone has their eyes on HwaSa, as she definitely stole everyone’s attention during her recent appearance at the Ferragamo event.

Shinwon shows off his stylish side as he attends Seoul Fashion Week, looking so chic and dreamy.

The handsome and talented idol celebrated his birthday this week by sharing a heartfelt note with fans. We wish him a happy birthday and hope he has a great celebration.

In every angle and pose, JiWoo looks so adorable that our hearts can’t handle this level of cuteness.

Jeon SoMi’s bubbly and fun personality is always captured in her updates, and as always, they evoke a bright smile on everyone’s faces.

KangMin shows that he is the true selfie king by capturing his stunning features in this photo.

Eric from THE BOYZ celebrated “white day” with some of the best photos we’ve seen this week.

Beautiful in pink! Kwon EunBi is the girl who falls the most this week as we love the refreshingly cool vibe she exudes with these photos.

THE VISUALS! Did your heart stop beating for a second? Because ours did! We are really impressed with the features of HanGyeom in this update.

These photos serve as her point of view at dinner with the handsome idol. And judging by his expressions, you’re definitely having a great time.

Cuteness overload!! Rocky in a beanie and striking a cute pose is the image we all need to make us smile today.

From the setting to the outfit to the poses, everything about these images screams “Cool”. But that’s always Choi HyunSuk’s vibe, so there are no surprises here.

Lune makes our week brighter and happier with these adorable pictures.

Is this the visual representation of the phrase “cozy meets cute”? We think so!

Felix is ​​serving up the “vacation vibes rich boyfriend material” with these pics and we’re loving it!

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