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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our Top 15 Instagram Updates by K-Pop Idols article. With this themed article, we’ve scoured Instagram and curated a selection of photos or video updates that we think are the best this week.

This week has been so busy for many of our favorite idols that they’ve graced us with quality updates on their various activities. From photos at fashion shows, OOTD styles, birthday posts and adorable selfies, our favorite stars really upped their Instagram game this week, making our selections fun but very difficult.

You can read our previous selections by clicking here. Featured updates are not primarily agency or magazine photo shoots, but mostly those taken and shared by idols in their groups or personal accounts. This includes selfies, behind-the-scenes footage, fan signing events, reels or videos. At the end of the article, we would be doing a fun poll asking which idol had the best update this week.

Here are our top 15 picks for the best K-Pop idols Instagram update for the 3rd week of February 2023.

Your silhouette looks divine! Joo ChangUk definitely deserves to be in advertisements and photos for all fashion brands and magazines.

Our cheeks are also turning rosy because of Kim ChaeWon’s adorable and pretty looks in this update.

A San selfie is just the serotonin boost you could need today.

Shuhua’s IT girl era is clearly never-ending, as the famous idol looks chic and stunning in these photos.

Eric Nam shows that he’s not only an amazing artist but also a style star in this stunning outfit by Thom Browne while attending the designer’s fashion show.

DK wishes CARATs a happy birthday while looking so adorable and sweet with a delicious cake in her arms.

Guys, it was #JungHoonWeek as the handsome and talented idol celebrated his birthday by sharing these adorable photos and notes with fans. We hope he had a great and happy day.

One of our favorite leaders joins the list of idols who celebrated his birthday this week and we hope he had a very happy day filled with love and delicious treats.

Jennie makes hearts practically stop beating with these incredibly mesmerizing photos from her recent photo shoot with Calvin Klien.

On any given day, KyoungYoon is always a big Yes, as his charms are simply too attractive and irresistible.

Johnny went to fashion week with the determination to completely slay and he did just that with flair and style!

Kim JongHyeon looks like a fairytale prince, the kind we all want to have a happily ever after.

We won’t be wrong to say that all eyes were on DaHyun this week, as the idol looked so captivating at this week’s Michael Kors event.

Looking so handsome and classy, ​​KB is truly the definition of boyfriend material.

Folks, it’s #YongHeeDay as the beloved and talented idol celebrates his birthday today. We wish him a very happy feast and hope that he will also feast on delicious treats.

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