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Hello everyone and welcome to the twenty-fifth issue of our weekly series “Top 15 Instagram Updates by K-Pop Idols”. This article will showcase some of our favorite updates and content shared on Instagram by K-Pop idols. You can read our previous selections by clicking here. Featured updates are not primarily agency or magazine photo shoots, but mostly those taken and shared by idols in their groups or personal accounts. This includes selfies, behind-the-scenes footage, fan signing events, reels or videos. At the end of the article, we would be doing a fun poll asking which idol had the best update this week.

Here are our top 15 picks for the best K-Pop idols Instagram update for the 2nd week of January 2023.

Xion is everyone when it comes to LeeDo! Such a cute way to celebrate your birthday. We join all of TOMOON in wishing Xion a happy birthday and hope he has a great celebration.

It’s giving off a luxurious, classy, ​​classy, ​​rich boyfriend vibe, and we love it! This is just too iconic!

A princess or a rock star? Why choose one when you can be both?! Minnie is so beautiful in these pictures.

Wendy keeps the spirit of Christmas alive in this beautiful and cheerful update.

Jay Park x TREASURE?! Now that would be a fun collaboration that we’d love to see!

We don’t know what’s going on here, but we’re living for their cuteness regardless.

It’s just an endless slide of reasons why Lee SeungHyub certainly has the keys to your heart.

The word “Gorgeous” and all its other synonyms is how we would describe Yuto in these photos.

Sunkissed and glowing, HyeIn’s radiant beauty deserves great admiration and appreciation.

Johnny’s beautiful smile is perhaps what we all need to make our days brighter.

Happy DongMyeong day! The handsome and talented artist also celebrated his birthday this week. We hope it was a day full of happy and lovely memories for him.

Jeon SoMi is simply the cutest and cutest bunny in these adorable photos. Which painting is your favorite? Ours is N0. 9.

Looking cozy and cute, Kim WooJin’s updates are becoming a staple in this themed article for a clear reason, they are always so good! PS we need that sweater!

Our phones just dropped to the ground because we weren’t ready for the visual assault that SeungYeop gave us in the second frame.

This is a happy update! One that sends waves of joy and relief to the hearts of many fans! Congratulations to the members of OMEGA X and we are very excited for what lies ahead for them. Please continue to support the boys and their music. Also happy birthday Kevin!

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