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Top 15 Instagram updates by K-Pop idols (2nd week of April 2023)

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Instagram was perhaps our most used app (and we’re sure a lot of fans) this week, as we found ourselves endlessly browsing the amazing content shared mostly by our favorite idols and artists. With each post not only grabbing our attention but also receiving a lot of engagement, this week we’ve been so pleased with the amazing updates shared by K-Pop idols, many of which will be listed in this themed article.

with our Weekly Instabuzz series, we’ve curated a list of the top 15 K-Pop idols’ Instagram updates for the week and shared it with our global readers. At the end of the article is a fun poll where our readers can vote for their favorite updates from this week.

Please note that the poll will run from the 14th to the 21st of April.

From swoon-worthy selfies to a relaxing poolside moment, here are our top 15 Instagram updates from K-Pop idols in the 2nd week of April 2023.

Sir!!!! At this point, we might need an oxygen mask close to our side before we look at an upgrade from San, because he literally takes our breath away!

JiSoo radiates such a bright and cheerful energy as she smiles with a smile in this update. Have you streamed ‘FLOWER’ today?

Someone do a count, we’re pretty sure an angel is missing from heaven. Sakura looks amazing in these behind-the-scenes photos from her photoshoot.

The cute idol looks so homely and cozy in her flowery pajamas!

Choi YeNa is like the bright rays of the sun as she exudes such a vibrant and positive glow in this update. Playful Choi YeNa is always super cute!

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?” No need to answer, we already know it’s LUNE!! Impressive is his synonym, as he always leaves fans dazzled with his visuals.

We all feel giddy and happy whenever we see Bahiyyih! This is a super cute phone case too!

A rabbit in its natural habitat, the soft DK is a whole different level of attractiveness and attractiveness.

Yoon JiSung clearly had fun in the pool and we’re glad he captured and shared as many photos as he could. That 8th frame took us by surprise. That back is wide!

Honestly! Sir! Get off our necks!! We haven’t seen anything more impressive than this update in a while! Long curly haired Yuto for the win!

Every fan after seeing this update “Do you happen to like Messi?” Who is the newest and most stylish idol today? Yes, that crown belongs to Choi HyunSuk. We even ordered a capsule collection from Choi HyunSuk! It’s what we all deserve!

It’s a girls’ date and they all look beautiful and refreshingly cool! Our nosy selves just want to know all the tea that was spilled during this brunch.

Kim WooJin treats fans to a double dose of sugary delight with her beautiful visuals and a delicious cake after her birthday party. Once again, we wish him a happy birthday!

An MJ update is always the best of the week as we all miss you! Looking adorable and cute! This frame-worthy update adds to our growing collection of adorable MJ selfies as we continue our countdown to the discharge date.

Momo has her boxing gloves on and she knocks us out with her adorable expressions and cute visuals.

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