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This week, Instagram has certainly seen plenty of traffic and engagement as many of our favorite K-Pop idols once again shared some of the best quality content that not only delighted fans’ hearts, but made them press the heart button. I eat well.

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our Top 15 Instagram Updates by K-Pop Idols article. Here we’re going to scour Instagram and curate a selection of photos or video updates that we think are the best this week.

You can read our previous selections by clicking here. Featured updates are not primarily agency or magazine photo shoots, but mostly those taken and shared by idols in their groups or personal accounts. This includes selfies, behind-the-scenes footage, fan signing events, reels or videos. At the end of the article, we would be doing a fun poll asking which idol had the best update this week.

Here are our top 15 picks for the best K-Pop idols Instagram update for the 1st week of February 2023.

Asahi’s photos are always an art form. The kind that deserves to be hung in a gallery or displayed in an exhibition, as it always evokes a sense of wonder and awe.

There are simply no words for this update as we are truly stunned. But finding our voices, all we can say is “Thanks TEN!!

The beautiful and talented idol celebrated her birthday this week by sharing these adorable photos and a sweet note with fans. We hope she had a great celebration, and once again, we wish her a happy birthday.

It’s #GeonUWeek as the talented rookie idol marked his birthday this week to the delight and excitement of many fans. We hope he had a good day full of love and delicious food.

The beautiful and talented star joins the list of idols who celebrated their birthdays this week. Along with his lovely fans, we wish him a happy birthday and many more years full of love and success.

Minnie takes our breath away with these photos as she just looks incredibly chic and beautiful.

“We do MinHyuk, yes we do!!” The talented idol is serving a handsome and pure groom in a wedding vibe and we can’t help but swoon over her good looks.

Jeon SoMi is the epitome of the word “cozy” as she looks so cute and hot in these photos.

The lovable idol also celebrated his birthday this week and perhaps marked it in the most special way with his members and fans. We wish him a happy birthday and hope he has a fun day. PS this cake looks delicious.

Close the gyms!!! Don’t scratch it, leave it wide open, ’cause we’re in the “buff was THE8” and our excitement is through the roof.

This photo just screams Love and happiness and we are welcoming them with open arms and hearts.

The beautiful and talented idol also celebrated her birthday this week by sharing the most adorable photos that beautifully captured her happy day. We wish her a happy birthday too.

Our favorite military brothers InSeong and YoungBin send their warmest regards to fans with this delightful update.

EunChan is serving up pure boyfriend material vibes in this pic and we’re loving it!

No words, just admire its beauty! You are welcome.

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