Top 10 K-Drama Intros We'll Never Skip

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The title sequence of a K-Drama is the first thing we see when we start the show. It is usually accompanied by visuals that hint at the plot, and sometimes introduce the characters along with an opening song. Often, after seeing it once, we tend to press the “Skip Intro” button to quickly get to the beginning of the episode. However, there are some K-Drama introductions that simply cannot be ignored.

Here are the Top 10 K-Drama Intros That Are So Beautiful We Watch Them Every Time!

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“Weak Hero Class 1” features one of the most artistic, poignant and impactful K-Drama intros in recent memory. It sets the mood perfectly with the cool color palette and sweetheart‘s ‘Hero’ (Prod. by primary) is the perfect OST to accompany it. Evoking a sense of melancholy but also of hope, this introduction is for the history books.

The opening of “Big Mouth” is a work of art. It elicits a thrilling and suspenseful mood right off the bat, preparing us for the epic saga to come. Each scene is brilliantly correlated and highlights essential aspects of the drama. In addition, it presents Franz Schubert‘s ‘Erlkönig’, which makes this opening even more impactful.

It was a tough choice for us to choose between the title sequences of the two seasons of “Taxi Driver”, but the special touch of the season two intro is off the charts. It maintains a similar style to the first season, but makes it even more addictive and colorful. With such an emotional intro, you already know the drama is going to be good.

The title sequence of “Little Women” is a puzzle in itself. It’s brilliantly symbolic, extremely well made and unique. It introduces each character with details that you can only unravel when watching the drama, which makes it even more interesting. Even if we rewatch the drama hundreds of times, we will never skip this amazing intro.

The opening of “The Glory” is hauntingly beautiful and perfectly matches the grand scale of the drama. It’s dark, devoid of much color, and has a poetic quality to it. It’s full of reasons – some obvious and some more hidden. There’s a certain stillness to this intro that reflects the drama’s slow-recording effect and we’re left mesmerized every time.

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One of the best K-Zombie dramas of all time, “Kingdom” also has an iconic opening scene that sends shivers down our spines every time it appears on our screen. It’s minimalist and quiet, mixed with horror and dread, leaving an indelible impression on viewers. He doesn’t try to play it safe and as such has an art feel to it. Needless to say, we will never skip this intro.

The opening of “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” perfectly represents the dark fairytale theme of the drama. From stop motion to paper art, chiaroscuro and contrasts, everything adds a sense of transience to the atmosphere, reminding us that this is a complex but delicate story that is about to unfold. It grabs our attention and holds it, just like a good title sequence should.

“Beyond Evil” is a riveting drama filled with dark secrets and a relentless pursuit of the truth. Its opening scene is equally engaging, almost as if we’re swept up in the investigation. There is a dizzying effect to this sequence and it piques our curiosity. Once this intro is on screen, it’s virtually impossible to look away, let alone ignore it.

The opening of “Sweet Home” wonderfully captures the psychological horror of the show. It starts off as film noir, eliciting feelings of paranoia before transitioning into an excellent abstract/surrealistic animated sequence in black, white and red. It also spices up elements reminiscent of the original webtoon. Furthermore, to whomThe ‘Side by Side’ OST brings it all together perfectly.

Finally, we cannot complete this list without one of the most mesmerizing and charming opening sequences of all time – “Pachinko”! the roots‘, the song ‘Let’s Live for Today’ takes us to a dazzling pachinko parlour, where all of our main characters are seen dancing happily. In some ways, this title sequence is the happiest our characters have ever seen, which adds a layer of meaning to it. There’s no way we can skip this. In fact, we can just dance together!

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“It’s OK not to be OK”

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