Top 10 Instagram updates by K-Drama actors (5th week of March 2023)

BoNa’s official Instagram / Park ShinHye’s official Instagram / Go Ara’s official Instagram

Like every week, the 5th week of March saw us duly engaged in all kinds of Instagram updates from our favorite K-Drama stars. Why? Because these stars know how to treat their fans with quality content that simply makes everyone smile, every heart race with emotion, and every finger vibrantly press the like, save, or share button.

This week, with our Instabuzz Weekly article, we bring you some of the best Instagram updates shared by K-Drama actors. At the end of this list is a fun poll where you can vote for your favorite update on the list.

From amazing photoshoots to celebrating spring, here are our picks of the top 10 Instagram updates made by K-Drama actors in the 5th week of March 2023.

Shin YeEun is the luckiest maiden in Joseon as she has 3 handsome men swooning over her! You are watching “The Secret Romantic Inn“?

The famous actress looks as beautiful and refreshing as spring as she enjoys the cherry blossoms in these photos.

Selfie overload! Suzy shares an awesome update full of random but ever so adorable selfies.

Wonderful! This is the word that comes to mind when looking at these incredible photos of the famous actress.

The Sillohuete! We are completely speechless! This image is completely fascinating!

The famous actor’s captivating charms are on full display as he takes in the beautiful view of cherry blossoms.

Cute and cozy, Moon SangMin makes our hearts flutter with love with her warm and adorable vibe in these photos.

Kissed by the sun, sunny! Even the sun knows it has to focus its shine on the famous actor’s look because he deserves all the shine! We love boyfriend Park BoGum’s material vibe.

The famous actress keeps sharing the best and most impressive updates on her Instagram. Looking so chic and elegant, we found our hearts fluttering with her beauty in these photos.

This week, the famous actress shared an amazing set of new profile pictures making all hearts swell with love for her stunning beauty.

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