Top 10 Instagram updates by K-Drama actors (4th week of March 2023)

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Every week, our favorite K-Drama stars take to Instagram to share some of the best Instagram updates. With a variety of content that usually ranges from photoshoots to magazines, selfies, fun moments, special events, behind-the-scenes content as well as adorable selfies, every week we all receive quality content from our favorite stars.

With our Instabuzz Weekly article, we curated a special list of the best updates of the week for our global readers. At the end of this themed article, we run a fun poll asking our readers to vote on the best updates from our selection.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Instagram updates from K-Drama actors in the 4th week of March 2023.

Be it with his adorable selfies or magazine photoshoots, Jung IlWoo never ceases to amaze us with the types of content he shares on Instagram. Looking handsome and ethereal in these photos, the famous actor has us stunned with this update.

Stunning, beautiful, mesmerizing, breathtaking, the list of reactions and praise we have for Yim SiWan in this update is simply too long to contain this article.

Woo DoHwan leaves our excitement and anticipation for his upcoming drama.”Joseon Lawyer“It’s pretty high when her chemistry with WJSN co-star BoNa is so adorable in these photos for Marie Claire magazine.

Perhaps the rising actor might as well add the title of model to his list of talents, as he completely slays every photo shoot he stars in. The fourth slide will stun you.

The face card will never be declined! Song Kang leaves us with butterflies thanks to his beautiful visuals in this update.

YoonA looks so gorgeous in white and minimal makeup in her recent appearance at an ESTEE LAUDER event.

Whether it’s the long hair, his bright smile, the outfit or his classy aura, Kim YoungKwang simply charmed us with this update and we couldn’t take our eyes off him.

The rising actor is a heartthrob who makes our hearts flutter with these captivating looks for COSMOPOLITAN magazine.

Did your heart just beat? Because ours did! Those eyes can make anyone have palpitations with one look.

The famous actress is a beautiful dream in these amazing photos for MOJO.S.PHINE.

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