For many K-Drama actors, the 4th week of January was all about photo shoots, drama teasers, and playing in the snow. Once again, touching our hearts with each update they shared, we could already tell it was going to be hard to pick this week’s best updates.

Hello everyone and welcome to the 32nd edition of our weekly “Top 10 Instagram Updates By K-Drama Actors”. You can read our previous selections by clicking here.

Here are our top 10 picks of the best Instagram update by K-Drama actors for the 4th week of January 2023.

We were left in a state of pure awe, wonder, awe and all the other synonyms of the words upon seeing these incredible photos of famous actress Park SoDam.

Double Trouble! This is the pictorial we didn’t know we needed but are so grateful for.

Everyone’s favorite rising star, the handsome and talented actor may well add a role model to his ever-growing skill set, as he really does look like one in these amazing photos.

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update from the rising actor, and while this post soothes our hearts, we’re also looking forward to his return to our TV screens.

The hair, the dresses, the color scheme, the poses, the concepts and everything in between, there are no words that can adequately describe how amazing these photos are! Song HyeKyo just rocks!

6. Lee KiWoo

It’s cold and snowing, but this cute update brings warmth and sunshine into our lives.

Lee SiYoung should be crowned the “Queen of Comedy Reels” as her updates are always hilarious. A creative concept for an ad, we can’t help but laugh at it, but be even more curious about the product.

Lee SeungGi with a guitar? Can we expect singer Lee SeungGi to come back soon?! Fingers crossed!

This week, the rising actor and star of several hit series celebrated his birthday. We hope he had a joyous and memorable celebration filled with love and delicious food.

These photos serve as your point of view on a chilly night out with the famous actor.

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