Top 10 Instagram updates by K-Drama actors (3rd week of March 2023)

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For years, Instagram has been one of the resources many K-Drama stars use to connect with their growing fan base. From drama updates to photoshoots, ad campaigns, fun activities and even adorable selfies, on a regular basis, many of our favorite actors take to Instagram to share content that generally falls into the aforementioned categories.

Every week, we scroll through Instagram, looking for the best update on these actors. It is this update that makes us smile widely or simply makes our hearts race with excitement. And this week is no different. From amazing photo shoots to appearances at fashion events, here are our picks of the top 10 Instagram updates made by K-Drama actors in the 3rd week of March 2023.

The rising actor looks like an anti-hero we would all gladly fall in love with in a drama.

Stunning is the word of the day for the budding actress, as she simply looks glamorous in her recent appearance at a Valentino event.

This is simply the cutest update you’ll see today. The famous actress makes hearts swell with love thanks to her adorable looks in these pictures.

Each image is a yes like the “Oasis” still looks chic and gorgeous in this update.

Beautiful, just super beautiful! O “taxi driver 2″ star lends her dreamy looks to the clothing brand OLZEN for this amazing photoshoot and campaign.

From the outfit, the hair, the glasses, and the posture, Joo Won looks like the coolest guy on the street, the one we all turn to for the latest style tips.

A beautiful smile that can melt everyone’s heart.

Lee DongWook rocking a photo shoot is like breathing air, it’s quite normal. The famous actor looks incredibly handsome in these photos.

The rookie actor and model clearly has body goals, as his chiseled physique is simply swoon-worthy.

Looking so cool and handsome in all black, the famous actor looks like a bonafide supermodel during his appearance at the Valentino event this week.

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