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Hello everyone and welcome to the thirty-sixth edition of our weekly “Top 10 Instagram Updates By K-Drama Actors”. You can read our previous selections by clicking here.

In this article, we’ll be sharing a list of curated Instagram updates that we thought were the best by K-Drama actors of the week. At the end of this list, we have a fun poll where we ask you to pick your absolute favorite.

This week, our favorite K-Drama stars were on their Instagram game as they once again released top-notch updates that made us laugh, smile, or simply make our hearts race with excitement.

Here are our top 10 picks of the best Instagram update by K-Drama actors in the 1st week of March 2023.

The budding actress is the epitome of girl-next-door vibes, while looking oh-so-chic, pretty, and refreshing in these photos.

Dreamers! The rising actor makes fans’ hearts flutter with his adorable looks in this photo.

Supermodel vibes! The famous actress looked amazing in this head-to-toe YSL look at the brand’s recent event in France.

Every brand needs to make Lee SiYoung their role model or ambassador as their creativity is simply outstanding. Not only is this reel fun and hilarious, it also makes us curious about the product.

Yim SiWan makes a note to remind everyone that before being a stellar actor, he is first and foremost an idol and an amazing artist as well.

Cute and chic in jeans, SooYoung takes us on her fun day with this update.

The stars of “Call It Love” make our hearts flutter with their chemistry and fiery visuals.

From the setting, outfit and poses, these photos look like the famous actress is having her fairy tale princess moment and we love it!

The star of “Weak Hero Class 1” dazzled us with her beautiful appearance in these photos for DAZED magazine.

The famous actor shares this adorable update from his vacation. Now that looks like a relaxed and happy cat.

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