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Hello everyone and welcome to the twenty-eighth edition of our weekly “Top 10 Instagram Updates By K-Drama Actors”. You can read our previous selections by clicking here. This article will showcase some of our favorite updates and content shared on Instagram by K-Drama actors. This includes adorable selfies, drama announcements, teasers, announcements, relaxing moments with family and friends, magazine photo shoots, etc. At the end of the article, we would do a fun poll asking which actor had the best update this week.

Here are our top 10 picks of the best Instagram update by K-Drama actors for the 1st week of December 2022.

3 slides, 3 looks, 3 vibes, but one thing unites them, Nam YoonSu’s super cute visuals.

This is the Beyonce world stop moment! She looks STUNNING!

Looking so handsome and charming, the rising actor shares some new teaser images from his new thriller drama “Unlock The Boss”. Have you seen the first episodes? Are you excited about it?

Another award in the bag! The famous actress is once again celebrated for her stellar performance in the hit drama series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Someone plays ‘Mic Drop’ by BTS.

Christmas has come early as the rising actress treats fans to some stunning looks with this update.

Words cannot describe how handsome the famous actor looks, so we’ll use an emoji. 😍😍😍

Beautiful in all styles and synonyms, the rising actress makes our hearts leap with excitement at Christmas with these stunning photos.

Is this the set for a Hallmark Christmas movie? She just looks like a princess in these pictures.

The talented rising actor and star of the hit series “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” shares a thank you note to fans, castmates and crew as the series came to an end this week.

The handsome and famous actor joins in the Christmas cheers by sharing these stunning photos with fans. Have you seen your latest series “Connect”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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