Top 10 Instagram updates by K-Drama actors (1st week of April 2023)

Lee SangYeob’s official Instagram / Kim YoungKwang’s official Instagram

April is here and it brings the happy and cheerful vibes of spring. The cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully and our favorite K-Drama stars are heading out to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful locations, while sharing regular updates to keep their global fans up to date on their activities.

Every week, we curate a list of the best Instagram updates from our favorite K-Drama stars. And at the end of the themed article, we ask our global readers to vote for their favorite updates. Please note that voting will take place from April 7 to April 14, 2023.

This week, our favorite actors continued their impressive record of sharing the best kinds of updates.

From photo shoots to a rising actress’s graduation, here are the 10 best Instagram updates made by K-Drama actors in the first week of April 2023.

Looking so cozy and handsome, the famous actor is serving up the best material boyfriend vibes, as this post could very well serve as a point of view over a coffee with him.

The rising actress graduated from the prestigious EWHA Womans University this week. Congratulations to her!

The handsome rising actor looks so bright and cheerful as he takes in the beauty of cherry blossoms this week.

The visuals are simply stunning! DIOR Beauty pick the right model, as these photos would no doubt make global fans’ hearts swoon at the rising star’s visual charms.

Looking fresh and chic, the rising actress takes a cute date while dripping in FENDI.

The rising actor’s visuals are truly stunning as he keeps us entranced and looking lovingly at this update.

We’re definitely calling this heart-pounding feeling love, as the famous actor makes our hearts swoon thanks to his dreamy good looks.

The famous model and actress always looks stunning in photo shoots, even when she has half her face painted.

Revel in the famous actor’s visual powers as he makes all hearts swell with love with these photos.

Only one word we have for this update is “Wonderful“.

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