The Top 3 K-Drama Non-Human Characters That Fans Would Love To Be Friends With The Most As Voted By Global Fans

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Often times, as K-Drama fans, we see some K-Drama characters as having some or many of the qualities we want in a friend. And perhaps one type that tops that list is non-human characters. Non-human characters are perhaps one of the most exciting and loved by viewers. From their witty sense of humor, dutiful and loyal personalities, charming acts, confidence, visuals, their chaotic and always fun banter, or even their superpowers, these mystical beings not only make many fall in love with them on screen, but also play with the fantastic idea that they would also be good friends.

In light of this, we ran a fun poll asking our global readers to vote for the non-human character they would most like to be friends with. Many votes were cast and we thank you for your participation.

The results are there! Here are the top 3 non-human K-Drama characters fans would love to have as friends, as voted by global fans.

3. “Goblin” – Kim Shin

Top 3 Non-Human K-Drama Characters Fans Would Love to Have as Friends Top Rated by Global Fans


Now, who doesn’t want a Goblin with the power to make anything happen at the snap of a finger as a friend?! Played by Gong Yoo, Kim Shin’s incredible powers not only make him the type that many would easily choose for a friend, but his hilarious personality adds to the list. The definition of witty and chaotic, with Kim Shin as your friend, you’re guaranteed never to have a dull moment. With 15.3% (258), he ranks 3rd in this poll.

Top 3 Non-Human K-Drama Characters Fans Would Love to Have as Friends Top Rated by Global Fans

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Played by SF9’s RoWoon, HaRu is the definition of warmth, comfort, loyalty and bravery. His traits are all a yes check mark for the kind of friend we all want. And as your story progresses, these traits become even more vivid and compelling. HaRu is just the type you’d call when you’re having a bad day and he’ll come over with yummy treats too. With 28.9% (503) of the total votes, he ranks 2nd in this poll.

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1. “Tomorrow” – Park JoongGil

Top 3 Non-Human K-Drama Characters Fans Would Love to Have as Friends Top Rated by Global Fans

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Played by Lee SooHyuk, Park JoongGil was a character that we all came to love and understand when we saw this development from a stern book grim reaper to one who tries to connect back with his lover. With several moments where he shows off his charms, Park JoongGil seems like the type of friend who would always give you tough but honest advice, call you out when needed, while flashing a nice warm smile when you did well. With 39.7% (670) of the total votes, he ranks 1st in this poll.

Check out the poll below.

Which of these characters is your favorite, let us know in the comments section.

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