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Rap has always been an essential part of every K-Pop group, just like the rest of the positions, rap increases a group’s interest and appeal to the public. A good rap line not only makes the group’s songs and performances interesting or exciting, it can also serve as the backbone to the group’s success, as their parts are often seen as one of the main highlights of each song and performance.

In K-Pop today, while each group has amazing rappers who, in their own right, contribute to the success of not only their group, but the genre as a whole., there are a few in particular that are simply exceptional, thanks in no small part to not just their soulful styles or delivery, but also the sheer, fiery chemistry they exude in a song and performance. These idols have honed their skills to a level where they leave fans completely awestruck with their performances and with a high level of consistency, they have earned their due recognition and acclaim for being the best rap lines in the industry.

Here are our picks of the best rap lines in K-Pop today.

Music is usually more attractive and exciting whenever it comes out of MONSTA X’s studio, as they have the right ingredients that make the art form very enjoyable. One of the elements that make a MONSTA X song instant bop is JooHoney and IM’s rap line. always delivering jaw-dropping performances that make many recognize them as one of the best in the genre.

Any list of rap idols would never be complete without mention of the two artists, who some would very well argue serve as the pioneers of the new generation of K-Pop idol rappers. With many often mentioning them as a source of inspiration, it’s safe to say that they shaped the sound of K-Pop rap that we appreciate very well today as from time to time, you can always hear and see their influence on many idols today. .

BTS’ rap line shows that sometimes having different styles and influences is the key recipe for making an iconic line that today serves as an inspiration to others. Each member has their own unique identity that many listeners and fans can easily recognize. An element that perhaps also adds to the reasons for their successful solo careers, as they all have and bring exciting characteristics with their music that feed the imagination of the general public. BTS’ rap lineup is versatile, dynamic, powerful, and fun.

While NCT has many amazing idols who showcase their skills in various positions within the group and its subunits, when it comes to rap specifically, these two names immediately come to mind as they present themselves as one of the best and most successful. famous rappers in K-Pop. Both are the definition of excellence, as on any song that calls for an amazing rap verse, you can pretty much count on them to deliver accordingly.

When we talk about idols who are shaping the sound of this generation, the name that comes to mind is ATEEZ. With their brilliant concepts and vibrant talents, the idol group is redefining the kind of sound and style of music that is generally accepted by the public. And when it comes to rap, members HongJoong and MinGi are on the throne as one of the best of this generation. They may have a very distinctive style, but the way they feed each other’s energy is brilliant. Together, they create a dynamic sound that adds to the overall appeal and emotion of listening to an ATEEZ song.

In the near future, when they make lists of idol rappers whose impact has been felt in K-Pop, there is no doubt that at least one, if not all three members of 3Racha will not only be mentioned, but will also top the rankings. 3RACHA’s growth not only as a flawless production unit, but also as a powerful rap unit is impressive. Like Michelin chefs, everything that comes out of their studio is a one-of-a-kind tasty delight that you definitely won’t find anywhere else, which will also leave you in awe and awe of their skill set.

People who haven’t heard KARD’s songs are clearly missing out on not only their impressive musicianship or sound, but also the pleasure factor created by BM and J.Seph. With both bringing a level of fire and versatility to their styles that make their performances cringe-worthy, BM and J.Seph are the wow factor when it comes to K-Pop idol rappers because they possess a level of talent that will always leave an impression. you in awe of their songs/performances and eager for more and more!

The cohesion between ChanYeol and SeHun is as beautiful as it is impeccable, and over the years, they have abandoned all assumptions of their skill level and ability and have proven themselves to be a formidable team that can always make successful records. Whether with the group or the unit, there is a flavor that EXO-SC brings to their music and performances that is both tasteful and delicious. You never get tired of listening to his verses, not from lack of satisfaction, but from an unshakable desire to enjoy the sensation that derives from its sound.

Like the rest of their units, SEVENTEEN’s rap (Hip-Hop) team maintains a strong position as one of the best in K-Pop today. There’s a certain kind of beauty that can be witnessed in SEVENTEEN’s rap lineup that we probably wouldn’t get from any other group. When it comes to creating and delivering melodic flows, SEVENTEEN holds the crown and their rap verses are clear proof of that. While many associate rap with being overtly blunt, SEVENTEEN proves that rap itself is a versatile and dynamic art form, with many styles and colors, all of which are as attractive and fascinating as they are fun.

MCND has one of the most soulful and fiery rap units in K-Pop today. The distinction in their sounds is clear as day, but ultimately, each member’s style is as fun and enjoyable as the next. A group that is criminally underrated, the talents MCND possess, specifically their rap lineup, could very well serve as an inspiration to others. MCND are musical geniuses on the rise and there is no other way to adequately describe their talents.

For this writer, the song ‘VolKno‘ was a wake-up call as it opened our eyes to the incredible potential of TREASURE’s rap line. We are duly excited for the future of K-Pop thanks to the skill level the members possess and when it comes to their rap lineup the potential is clearly overflowing as in the near future with clear consistency and growth they will be one of the leaders of this genre.

Are there any other lines that you think deserve a mention? Share with us in the comments section.

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