After the first deletion of “Rush hour“, the battle for the top spot has only gotten fiercer ever since. The social media feeds are always filled with mentions of their competitors, along with various clips and messages of support. As the third round begins, fans are ecstatic to see your favorite idols perform original songs for the first time on the show.

Good Data Corporation weekly releases the top 10 most talked about and top 10 popular keyword searches for K-Dramas, TV shows, actors and other TV personalities in Korea. Ratings reflect netizens’ opinions about online news, communities, social media, and more.

“Peak time” remains a widely discussed topic among Korean netizens, consistently appearing on Good Data’s ranking lists. For the 4th week of March, JTBC’s “Peak Time” is No. 7 in the top 10 keyword searches and no. 1 in the top 10 non-dramatic TV shows.

Whether on the show or in the Good Data rankings, the competition is fierce! Only one team made Good Data’s top 10 non-dramatic personalities list for the fourth week of March. Check out the team netizens are talking about below.

Top 10 non-dramatic personalities

Team 11:00 / VANNER (#3)

O "Rush hour" The competitors netizens are talking about in the 4th week of March

Peak time official twitter

O "Rush hour" The competitors netizens are talking about in the 4th week of March

good data

VANNER, also known as Team 11:00, has always won over audiences since the show’s inception. Whether on their own or in a collaborative group, the members have always shown constant improvement. Their talents, along with their constant desire to improve, have earned them praise from Korean netizens as well as international fans across the world. Audiences everywhere are eagerly waiting for your next performance and are more than ready to talk about it!

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Who are you supporting on JTBC’s “Peak Time”? Let us know in the comments!

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