JTBC’s”Rush hour” constantly piques the interest of netizens, from the on-stage performances to the cute behind-the-scenes scenes. After each episode, social media feeds are filled with mentions of their contestants, along with various clips and messages of support. Now that the program passed After the first knockout round, the competition only looks to get fiercer going forward.

Good Data Corporation weekly releases the top 10 most talked about and top 10 popular keyword searches for K-Dramas, TV shows, actors and other TV personalities in Korea. Ratings reflect netizens’ opinions about online news, communities, social media, and more.

“Peak time” remains a widely discussed topic among Korean netizens, making regular appearances on Good Data’s ranking lists. For the 3rd week of March, JTBC’s “Peak Time” is No. 9 in the top 10 keyword searches and no. 1 in the top 10 non-dramatic TV shows.

The level of competition is insane and the contestants are hungry for the top spot! Only one team made Good Data’s top 10 non-dramatic personalities list in the third week of March. Check below which team it was!

Top 10 non-dramatic personalities

Team 11:00 / VANNER (#9)

O "Rush hour" Competitors that all internet users are talking about in the 3rd week of March

VANNER Official Twitter

O "Rush hour" Competitors that all internet users are talking about in the 3rd week of March

good data

It’s been a little over a month since the debut of “Peak Time” and audiences everywhere are still in love with the VANNER boys. Their underdog story, impressive performances, and fierce determination to outdo netizens in a constant state of admiration for the boy group. Moving forward, fans of the show will be keeping an eye on the boys to see whether or not they can make it to the end. Netizens everywhere are eagerly waiting for the next episode of “Peak Time” so they can talk about it.

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Who are you supporting on JTBC’s “Peak Time”? Let us know in the comments!

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