Nobody could imagine how popular the JTBC’s”Rush hour” was going to be. But the burning passion of the contestants flared up and reached the hearts of fans everywhere! With 5 episodes, netizens have learned about all the “Peak Time” contestants and continue to root for the team they want to see until the end. Social media feeds are filled with clips, reels, etc. from the popular survival show after each new episode.

Good Data Corporation weekly releases the top 10 most talked about and top 10 popular keyword searches for K-Dramas, TV shows, actors and other TV personalities in Korea. Ratings reflect netizens’ opinions about online news, communities, social media, and more.

“Peak time” remains a widely discussed topic among Korean netizens, making regular appearances on Good Data’s ranking lists. For the 1st week of March, JTBC’s “Peak Time” is No. 9 in the top 10 keyword searches and no. 3 in the top 10 non-dramatic TV shows.

Competition remains fierce, both in the survival show and in the Good Data rankings! Only one team made Good Data’s top 10 list of non-dramatic personalities in the first week of March. Check below which team it was!

Top 10 non-dramatic personalities

Team 11:00 / VANNER (#6)

The Most Commented "Rush hour" Competitors in the 1st week of March

official peak time

The Most Commented "Rush hour" Competitors in the 1st week of March

good data

It seems that many netizens fell in love with VANNER’s charms from the very first episode. The hardworking boy group consistently remained on Good Data’s top 10 lists throughout the show. Now, only time will tell if the rising boy group can maintain their newfound fame. The heat is definitely rising on JTBC’s “Peak Time” and everyone is ready to talk about it!

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Are you supporting VANNER in “Peak Time”? Let us know in the comments!

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