One of the most popular idol survival shows on the air right now is “Boys Planet”. With its fierce competition, talented contestants, beloved Star Masters and much more, this show has captured the attention of viewers across the world. However, for fans of one competitor in particular, there was some unfortunate news. UP10TION’s HwanHee, who was receiving a lot of love from fans old and new, had to pull out of the concert due to her failing health.

This was not only a shock to the fans, but also to HwanHee’s other contestants, who had come to respect and adore him during his time on the show. It was especially difficult for Park Gun Wook and Kim JiWoong, who cried the most when he left. That’s because GunWook came to trust HwanHee, who took care of him like an older brother, and when HwanHee was going through a difficult time, he reached out to JiWoong, who comforted him and the two also became friends.

In fact, even though there weren’t many on-screen interactions between HwanHee and JiWoong, the latter also shed tears when HwanHee was saved from the competition during the first elimination round, proving just how precious their friendship is. Later, HwanHee, JiWoong and Takuto stayed at COEX.

On the other hand, when HwanHee came to say goodbye before leaving the concert, GunWook revealed that he had already cried for HwanHee three times in a row! HwanHee also shared that this Kim Gyu Vin came up to him in tears on the day he was leaving to apologize adorably for teasing him.

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In addition to them, HwanHee was also actively helpful and friendly to the other contestants, especially the G group boys. Fans know that HwanHee is a sweet and kind soul who loves to help others and improve the mood in the room, so this is no surprise. , but new fans found it even more endearing. HwanHee said in an Instagram live video later that he also left with Chen Kuan Jui in the practice room and even learned krumping with Wang Zi Hao! He also shared that he was close with Keita and oh sung minwho sometimes sounded like a “hyung”.

Needless to say, HwanHee was one of the most beloved contestants on “Boys Planet” and even though he will be missed on the show, we look forward to his speedy recovery.

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