With K-Pop groups, every position matters as every element, vocals, rap and dance, merges to form a complete team. Focusing on vocals alone, we’ve seen many K-Pop idols across generations hone their skill level in this position and deliver jaw-dropping vocal performances that, regardless of how many times we watch or listen to it, still give us chills and goosebumps. .

One of the aspects that we all love and are often surprised by is an idol’s range and ability to hit high notes that defy the concept of science and human capabilities. While remarkably many male idols can hit a high note at different times, some make it look so easy and have the absolute ability to consistently deliver high notes over and over again and with the same level of clarity and power (sometimes even higher). Those idols that fall to the last are who we call kings of high notes.

Across generations, here are our picks of the high-note kings.

Fans often comment that SM Entertainment is home to the best vocalists in K-Pop and when you have idols like ChangMin on your rooster, we fear that statement might be true. ChangMin’s vocal range is as immaculate as it is excellent. Often easily dubbed the King of High Notes in K-Pop, there are perhaps over a thousand videos of him on YouTube just about his high notes which rack up millions of views as it’s just the type you just can’t stop watching or listening to. . Full of power, rawness, and yet clarity, ChangMin singing a magnificent high note is as normal as breathing air, and even though we expected this in his songs, we still marveled at it every time.

Whenever someone mentions or makes a list of “legendary K-Pop vocalists”, Chen is always a mention, a major mention, because he simply is the epitome of the phrase. We all watch the ‘Wolf‘ tour performance, the ‘Tears‘cover in’knowledgeable brothers” or even the ‘drop it‘ performance in “MOTHER“. One thing that all of these performances and MUCH MORE have in common is Chen’s incredible high note moment. Moments that leave us completely stunned and in awe of his outstanding vocal abilities.

Now we know that Baekhyun is a vocal king armed with a mastered technique that always makes him rock every vocal performance. Since his debut, Baekhyun has steadily grown into an artist that many can draw levels of inspiration from, as his hard work and consistency have helped his talents become one of the best the industry has ever produced. When it comes to his high notes, there’s a level of power and stability that Baekhyun has in his delivery that is just as shocking as the high note itself. It often makes us beg the question “How is his throat not in tatters after that?”

As HongJoong said, JongHo is the master of singing! JongHo has constantly shown that in this so-called vocal department, he is not only a team leader, but is also well on his way to becoming the CEO. Pardon our office pun, but when it comes to JongHo and his vocal abilities, we believe he has earned the tag as one of the best (if not the best) vocalists of this generation of K-Pop idols. Every time JongHo hits a high note, we usually get the same reactions from Stray Kids Han’s exclamation and BTOB MinHyuk’s facial expressions of “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WARAnd unlike others, perhaps what makes JongHo stand out even more is the fact that with every live performance, his mic is on and he’s hitting those notes with such power and clarity that it just leaves you amazed and amazed every time.

Ryeowook will long be recognized as one of the best vocalists to ever come out of Korea. Your vocal colors and technique are simply amazing and your range?! There are simply no adequate words to describe the feeling one can get when Ryeowook hits his high notes. To put it loosely, it seems like he just skates too easily into songs. Like, he knows and understands his capabilities and never fails to showcase his prowess with a level of confidence and flair that adds so much flavor and appeal to his performances. Ryeowook is a true artist, one of a kind.

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A viral sensation, we thank the K-Pop gods that HweSeung is finally getting a high level of recognition for his incredible vocal abilities. It’s definitely still nowhere near what he truly deserves, but it’s a good start. For years, Yoo HweSeung has shown that he is beyond just an amazing vocalist, as that tag doesn’t even begin to describe the power and skill level he possesses. From songs to performing at variety shows or contests, Yoo HweSeung is ready to play any song, in any key and range, and vividly showcase his vocals in a way that leaves you completely mesmerized and filled with a deep sense of satisfaction after his performance. . .

There’s a funny comment about EunKwang’s singing that always leads us to say “he sings like the rent is due”. Although funny, this statement is true, because watching EunKwang’s performances, he sings as if at that very moment, his life depended on this performance. It’s the burning passion he exudes that evokes a deep sense of respect and admiration for him. EunKwang is a vocal master in every sense of the word, as he’s gotten to the point where he not only kills one performance, but absorbs his knowledge into others, who also deliver amazing performances. His technique is quite remarkable and his range is impeccable. With every performance that demands a breathtaking high note, EunKwang is front and center ready to bless our ears and blow our minds with his range. What’s more, it’s what we can expect from an idol who manages to belt out notes with her cheekbone voice.

JinHo’s vocals are simply magical! There are various feelings or reactions you might get from watching JinHo sing or perform and some of them will include; levels of awe, pounding heartbeats, tears slowly streaming down your face, jaw dropping to the floor, or an instant rush or high that makes you feel something bigger and refreshingly new. His voice is simply transcendent as he lifts your mood and takes you on an emotional journey with him. In our opinion, JinHo is an artist whose vocal caliber is unique and priceless. His voice is just perfect, a rare breed and we deserve to give him all the flowers.

What can we say about YongHoon?! Just pure genius! It’s very easy to get lost in all the content about YongHoon’s vocals or singing, as he has the ability to transport us to a happy plane where everything is serene, smooth and wonderful. Maybe because bands don’t have the same level of recognition or popularity as idols, but YongHoon is a criminally underrated vocalist who deserves more attention, opportunities and respect. His vocal texture is as sweet as honey and whenever he hits those glass-breaking high notes with such ease and clarity, we just have to acknowledge his gift, a gift he has clearly honed and refined to perfection with years of hard work and consistency. .

After listening to MONSTA X’s discography for the umpteenth time, some of the words that come to mind whenever we hear KiHyun’s voice are “fantastic”, “awesome”, “wow” and phrases like “ok KiHyun!”, “the stability !” , “welcome through the vocal king!”. This might be the funniest statement you’d read in this article, but it’s a real reaction this writer often gets thanks to the incredible range and amazing technique that KiHyun infuses his songs. Kihyun is clearly an excellent vocalist who not only combines high notes with power, but with a level of stability and clarity that just makes you recognize and respect his talent. ps listen ‘Re:Verseday‘ is one of many songs where Kihyun’s vocals shine.

We all need a collective moment to appreciate the outstanding vocal talent that is Lee HongGi. Every once in a while, there’s just one artist who comes along and exhibits a level of talent that not only leaves many stunned or in awe, but also serves as a blueprint, a benchmark if you will, for the kind of qualities that make you a amazing artist. And Lee HongGi is that project. His vocal range is incredible, as not only does he thrill hearts with his impeccable range occasionally, he does it every time he performs, and somehow each performance always looks and sounds even better than the last.

Which of these idols is your vocal bias? Let us know in the comments section.

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