The “Boys Planet” Trainee That Has Dominated Search Rankings For The 4th Week Of March

from Mnet”planet of boys” is one of the hottest competition shows currently on the air. The trainees were mesmerizing from the very first episode. From their stellar performances on stage to their passion seen backstage, fans have fallen in love with the aspiring idols. They can’t help but type your favorite intern name in search bars everywhere.

Good Data Corporation weekly releases the top 10 most talked about and top 10 popular keyword searches for K-Dramas, TV shows, actors and other TV personalities in Korea. Ratings reflect netizens’ opinions about online news, communities, social media, and more.

Many viewers follow “Boys Planet” week after week. This is evident due to the show making it into the top 10 non-dramatic TV shows and top 10 keyword searches on good data. For the 4th week of March, the program was ranked no. 3 in the top 10 keyword searches and no. 2 for the top 10 non-dramatic TV shows.

Although a variety of programs air each week, “Boys Planet” continued to make Good Data’s rankings. This includes the show as a whole for individual contestants. If you’re curious about which “Boys Planet” trainee is being talked about the most, you’ve come to the right place!

Top 10 non-dramatic personalities keyword searches

Sung Han Bin (#8)

O "planet of boys" Trainee who dominated the search rankings in the 4th week of March

Official Planet Boys

O "planet of boys" Trainee who dominated the search rankings in the 4th week of March

good data

Sung HanBin takes the no. #8 on Good Data’s Top 10 Non-Dramatic Personalities Keyword Search list! For the second consecutive week, he is the only trainee to enter Good Data’s ranking. His innate talents, combined with his kind personality, spurred many viewers to search for his name all week. Even we have to admit, we typed Sung HanBin into the search bar several times and surely it will happen in the future too!

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