Suzy Seeks Elegant Revenge In New Naver Series Advertisement For Award-Winning Web Novel “I’m The Queen In This Life”

One of the best actresses of our generation, Suzy joined Naver Series to participate in their latest campaign, “또 하나의 인생작” (which roughly translates to “Another masterpiece of your life“) to draw attention to the diverse and expansive collection of web novels on the platform.

The campaign (also known as “Know Life’s Work” (“Knowing the masterpiece of life“) has been highly praised since 2019, when it was started, for successfully popularizing web soap operas through feature advertisements featuring famous actors as protagonists of prominent web soap operas. Before Suzy, actors such as Yes, Kim Yoon Seok, Byun YoHan, Lee JeHoon, Seo YeaJi and Ju JiHoon, participated in this campaign. Now, Suzy is joining that stellar lineup with an announcement that is equally chilling and ethereal and beautiful.

Suzy plays Ariadne from the popular web novel “I’m the Queen in This Life” by Lefaljinf. Ariadne is a young woman betrayed by her fiance and murdered by her sister the day before her coronation as queen. However, instead of passing away, she returns in time to her 17-year-old self. With full knowledge of the future, she seeks to change her destiny and this time, without mercy.

Suzy looks stunningly beautiful as Ariadne, almost as if she’s stepped out of the novel itself. Her delivery is immaculate and sends shivers down your spine. Classic black-and-white cinematography further highlights her unique look and amplifies her acting impact, raising expectations for the story.

To find out what happens next, you can read the novel in Korean here or in English on Yonder (app only). It was also adapted into a webtoon by My own It is Themiswhich you can read in English here.

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Now that we’ve seen a glimpse of Suzy as Ariadne, we can’t help but imagine the actress in a full K-Drama adaptation of “I’m the Queen in This Life.” What did you think of this ad? Tell us in the comments section below!

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