If you’re already a fan of BL drama, new to it, or haven’t watched any before, this article might just be for you! We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a new drama to binge-watch. Some K-Dramas are very long, and some are even divided into parts or seasons, so you still have to wait to find out the end of the story. Well, if you’re looking for something short and sweet to watch in the meantime, BL dramas might just be for you! Most of them are under 10 episodes and no more than 30 minutes long, you will definitely have time to watch them!

Today, we would like to recommend a new BL drama called “all liquors“. If the title may seem strange, don’t worry, the story is super cute and full of tenderness and laughter. If you’ve never watched a BL drama before, this is a good start, as it’s very smooth and cute, and not touches on deep subjects. As you read, you may still doubt whether this drama is worth watching or if it’s right for you, so here are some more reasons why you should watch “All The Liquors” right now!

1. Enjoy watching a Korean BL drama

Most K-Dramas are really long, but the advantage of this drama is that it’s super short, it won’t take much of your time, but it will definitely make you have a fun and quality time! Another thing is that this drama has already finished airing, so you won’t even have to wait to get to the next episode! It has a total of 8 episodes, each about 30 minutes long, not longer than a regular movie! Is it no longer tempting?

2. Enjoy the chemistry and cute interactions of the cast

Reasons why you should watch BL drama "all liquors"

Drama “All The Liquor”

Since this is a BL drama, of course, one of the main things you should enjoy is the love story and the chemistry between the actors of the main couple. And Kim Junhyung as Han JiYu, and Won Dohyun as Park KiHoon sure had brilliant chemistry in this drama. You’ll fall in love with JiYu’s cute expression and KiHoon’s cool attitude in no time! But the advantage of this drama is that you can also enjoy the secondary characters! There are definitely a lot of characters for you to enjoy in this drama, but let’s keep it a surprise in case you decide to watch it!

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3. Enjoy comic relief enhanced by liquors

As mentioned in the title, this drama is about alcoholic beverages, not only that, of course, but alcohol plays an important role in the plot. Starting with creating some funny or rather embarrassing situations! It’s common in K-Drama to have a key moment when one or both characters are drunk. BL dramas are no exception, if you watch “All The Liquors” you’ll lose count of the key scenes that happen after a glass or two of soju.

4. Take advantage of recipes and food recommendations

Reasons why you should watch BL drama "all liquors"

Drama “All Liqueurs”

The drama talks about liquors and alcohol, but it also talks about food! In this drama, they always pair a nice bottle of soju or wine with delicious food. And if you are a good cook, or simply enjoy cooking and making new foods, this drama will surely help you add some recipes to your cookbook. We shouldn’t reveal too much to avoid spoilers, but one thing is for sure, this drama will leave you hungry from the very first episode!

There are probably many other reasons to enjoy this drama, like the settings, cinematography or color schemes, but we decided to share the most obvious reasons why you should watch this drama and we hope it’s now on your watch list. !

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