Episode 9 of “Boys Planet” aired earlier today, bringing us some of the show’s healthier emotional moments as contestants performed in front of their friends and family. Furthermore, their appearance was kept as a surprise until the moment they met, which amplified the impact collector. Many were brought to tears, while others couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.

One of these members was Wang Zi Hao. For those who don’t know, Wang ZiHao is a Chinese trainee under Chromosome Entertainment Group, which was founded by EXO member Lay Zhang. He started dancing at a very young age and was taught krumping by the king himself – The leader of PrimeKingz, TRIX for a year. Having learned from his role model Lay, who is also an unrivaled krumper, as well as the best of the best, TRIX, krumping is listed as his specialty on his profile.

Wang ZiHao also appeared on the official YouTube channel of “1MILLION Dance Studio”, where he performed KooYoung Back (who is currently a dance master on “Boys Planet”) and TRIX’s choreography Destiny Rogers‘ ‘Sorry’.

In episode 9 of “Boys Planet”, TRIX appeared to support Wang ZiHao, who referred to him as his brother. Upon seeing TRIX, he instantly broke into a huge adorable smile, which clearly showed his excitement. He even shared with Zhang Hao that he was nervous about dancing in front of him because he wasn’t ready yet. Later, TRIX also showed their support for Wang ZiHao on their personal Instagram account, cheering him on.

This encounter must have brought him encouragement and strength, because when Wang ZiHao performed ‘SuperCharger’ for Artist Battle in this episode, his energy was out of this world. He gained prominence for his stage presence and fans are even more eager for his debut.

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You can check out Team SuperCharger’s performance below!

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