With its sequel coming to the final episode, SBS’s “Taxi Driver” is trending on Netflix in some Asian countries, proving its popularity despite its release 2 years ago.

The cast of “Taxi Driver” includes Lee JeHoon, Esom, Kim EuiSung, and Pyo YeJin. The drama revolves around Kim DoKi, whose mother was murdered by a serial killer, and her job as a luxury taxi driver at Rainbow Taxi Company. The special taxi company offers a “revenge service” where they take revenge on behalf of crime victims.

Popular K-Drama "Cabby" Enters Netflix Top 10 of 3 Asian Countries

The police action drama entered the Netflix Top 10 of 3 Asian countries based on data as of April 10, 2023 (April 9 data): Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam (Note: K-Drama is only available for a limited number of countries).

Popular K-Drama "Cabby" Enters Netflix Top 10 of 3 Asian Countries

FlixPatrol screenshot (04/10/2023)

“Taxi Driver” has been consistently in the top 10 of 3 countries since April 3, according to the data table presented by FlixPatrol. Currently, the drama is at no. 9 in Malaysia, no. 3 in Indonesia, and no. 1 in Vietnam.

“Taxi Driver 2” is in progress, with 1 week left for its broadcast. The second season of the K-Drama stars Lee JeHoon, Kim EuiSung, Pyo YeJin and the newly added cast – Jang Hyuk Jin, Bae Yu Ramand Shin JaeHa.

You can access the data and much more here. It is important to note that while FlixPatrol has access to data for a large majority, it does not have access to data for every country in the world.

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