NMIXX’s Haewon won much praise for his endless talents and charms. She is a rising star for many reasons. Fans love her funny livestreams, laid-back personality, and performance capabilities. NMIXX as a whole, they are a vocally talented idol group that captivates the entire K-Pop community. And Haewon has been praised as one of the many impressive vocalists of the fourth generation.

NMIXX recently made their comeback with their 1st EP “Expergo”. With that, the girls are busy with various schedules to promote their new songs. As such, Haewon made a solo appearance on KBS’ “Leemujin’s service” presented by singer Lee Mu Jin. On the show, Lee MuJin is joined by various idols and artists, giving them the opportunity to show off their impressive singing skills with brief conversations between them.

Haewon surprises fans from the first second with a snippet of NMIXX’s newest title track ‘Love Me Like This’. As the show progresses, Lee MuJin presents the idol singer with a challenge: sing a line from several songs that he requests. Haewon happily accepts and what comes next is a treat for his ears.

She covers everything from chart-topping K-Pop hits like I HAVE‘Eleven’ and newjeans‘ ‘Hype Boy’ to Beyonce‘Halo’. Although she had some trouble remembering the words to George‘s ‘Boat’, Haewon nailed the challenge. Despite only singing one line of each song, it was a breathtaking demonstration of Haewon’s vocal range, being able to sing across multiple genres.

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If you want to watch the full video for “Leemujin Service”, check out the video below!

Having only debuted in 2022, many are keeping an eye on the idol to see how she continues to improve in the coming years.

What do you think of Haewon’s angelic vocals? Let us know in the comments.

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