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Actor Yuta is back and he’s putting his duality on full display. After showing his outstanding ability as an action star in the Japanese film “HiGH&LOW THE WORST Cross”, Yuta is ready to win hearts around the world with his portrayal of the clumsy but adorably cool Ichikura Hayate in the J-Drama “Cool Doji Danshi”. .

For those who don’t know, “Cool Doji Danshi”, also known as “Play It Cool, Guys” is a live-action adaptation of the popular manga of the same name by kokone nata. It follows four young men who are all clumsy in their own ways, but manage to maintain a calm and composed demeanor on the outside. However, to the people around them, their weirdness seems endearing, causing girls to fall in love with them instantly.

NCT's Yuta Is Adorably Clumsy in New J-Drama "Cool Doji Danshi"

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Yuta’s character, Ichikura Hayate, is well-mannered, soft-spoken, kind, and gentle. He likes cute things, isn’t very social and lives in his own world, but he can be quite absent-minded and forgetful, which leads him to all kinds of awkward encounters, even if he means well. At the moment he ignores it by simply “playing it cool” but once out of sight he breaks down like a shy mess with the cutest pout and cherry red cheeks. It hasn’t been that long since Yuta debuted as an actor, but being able to display such excellent versatility in such a short time deserves a lot of praise.

NCT's Yuta Is Adorably Clumsy in New J-Drama "Cool Doji Danshi"


In addition to NCT’s Yuta, the drama also features a star-studded cast of lead actors, including Fujioka Maito as Futami Shun, Sakurada Dori as Mima Takayuki, and Kawanishi Takumi as Shiki Soma. Together, the synergy of this cast is addictive, to say the least, creating a bright and refreshing watch. If you like life dramas, “Cool Doji Danshi” will be your choice!

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