NCT are a versatile group that have dominated the K-Pop industry since their debut. With all their sub-units they are able to explore a wide range of genres from charismatic boy crush to lighthearted pop. Each member can specialize in a certain genre, but everyone can fit all concepts at any time.

NCT’s DoYoung It is haechan they have a duality that becomes noticeable as they switch between subunits. DoYoung has honeyed vocals with a range that sends absolute chills throughout your body. HaeChan’s voice is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, providing much-needed comfort and relief. Combine that with their impressive dance performances and you have two individuals born to take the stage.

Check out these videos that show a glimpse of their individual colors below!



More than just idols

But these idols aren’t just full of musical talent, they also have hearts of gold. It was recently announced through Community Chest of Korea, a Korean non-profit organization, that DoYoung and HaeChan have joined the ‘Honor Society Club’!

NCT's DoYoung and Haechan Gain Recognition for Their Charitable Acts

Korea Community Chest

NCT's DoYoung and Haechan Gain Recognition for Their Charitable Acts

Korea Community Chest

The Community Chest of Korea recognizes individuals who have given back to society with donations worth 100 million won or more. The ‘Honor Society Club’ has notable members among its ranks like suzy, Girls’ Generation’s YoonAIt is Park Hae Jin. It’s amazing for DoYoung and HaeChan to be among these legendary names. More so, it is a testament to his kind nature and desire to give back to those less fortunate.

Did you know that HaeChan and DoYoung were accepted into the ‘Honor Society’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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