Kpopmap Romantic Pick: Kim YoungKwang And Lee SungKyoung Realize That They’re Falling For Each Other In “Call It Love”

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time for those seasonal butterflies to start flapping their wings in our chests. With that said, welcome back to the reboot of Kpopmap’s exciting series, the Romantic Pick! Through this series, we’re going to take a look at several swoon-worthy scenes from K-Dramas, music videos, or movies to bring all your romantic cells to life.

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This week’s Romantic Choice comes from Disney+’s ever-expanding list of binge-worthy K-Dramas titled “call it love”. The breathtaking dramatic features Kim Young Kwang It is Lee Sung Kyung as its main clues. The story revolves around Shim WooJoo (Lee SungKyoung) and Han DongJin (Kim YoungKwang), two individuals whose past is filled with an incredible amount of hardship. Their lives drastically change when they meet and they begin to open their hearts once more.

We’ve scoured the land of K-Drama, watching various episodes and clips, but we can’t get these “Call It Love” scenes out of our heads! That’s right, it’s a two-for-one special, so get ready!

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The construction

Before our romantic pick of the week, both our characters were in the midst of their own personal crises. For Han DongJin, his company was on the verge of collapse with several employees leaving and the office practically becoming a ghost town. In addition to his work-related problems, his ex-girlfriend Kang MinYoung (EXID’s HaNi) returned to the city, triggering the resurgence of a series of bad memories.

In Shim WooJoo’s case, she was wavering in her resolve to carry out her revenge plans against Han DongJin. She’s starting to realize he’s not such a bad guy after all. But she still carries a resentment in her heart that isn’t easy to get rid of.

As DongJin and WooJoo are working through their own personal traumas, they begin to silently support each other, offering quiet but robust strength. The wheels of “Call It Love” start to turn, and suddenly the scent of romance is wafting through the air, waiting to be discovered by our main characters.

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The romance

Despite their many hardships and struggles, Han DongJin and Shim WooJoo realize their feelings for each other.

For Shim WooJoo, his realization comes in episode seven. For her, life just got worse with not even a hint of relief in sight. But when she vocalizes her innermost feelings and actually says it out loud, it’s heartwarming and filled with an indescribable warmth that you can carry with you for days.

Han DongJin’s realization comes an episode later. During a company dinner, DongJin is left alone with one of his oldest and only friends, Choi SunWoo (Jun Suk Ho). He then asked the question: has he ever been influenced by WooJoo? After some thinking and after a few flashbacks, he replies yes.

While these two are not in the same frame when their realizations occur, the amount of sincerity and heartfelt emotions felt in these two moments cannot be understated. DongJin and WooJoo suffered ridiculous pain, resulting in both of them closing their hearts. But having them at least acknowledge their feelings makes you believe they are one step closer to finding love. Just like Choi SunWoo, we want to celebrate your new romantic achievement.

the happily ever after

Although they don’t openly say what they’re feeling inside, the romantic tension is obviously there. It’s just slowly building to explode at the right time. It’s cathartic to witness DongJin and WooJoo’s growth and see how much they’ve changed since the first episode. Of course, we’re only halfway through “Call It Love” and a ‘happily ever after’ could still take some time. But your realization is the first step and we hope your love story will start sooner rather than later.

Are you watching “Call It Love”? What did you think of the drama so far? Let us know in the comments!

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