The season of cherry blossoms and romance is finally upon us, which requires a tracklist suited to the occasion. Welcome back to another edition of the Kpopmap Mood Playlist. Through this series, we’ve curated a melodic playlist of songs from various genres, including K-Pop, K-Indie/Hip-Hop/R&B/Rock, Ballads, and more. These songs are specially arranged according to a specific mood. We hope to feature a wide variety of artists and genres for your listening pleasure, whatever your mood.

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Spring is in full force, which means flowers aren’t the only thing in bloom this season. This week’s mood playlist is dedicated to budding romance and the potential of a spring picnic with someone special. Listen to this playlist to stir up some butterflies, create the perfect atmosphere, and if you haven’t already, work up the courage to finally fess up.

This song is perfect to start with when you’re packing the blankets and unpacking the picnic basket. The lyrics are sweet, modern and iconic. Jay Park’s charisma on top of IU’s mesmerizing vocals should be more than enough to set the mood for this picnic. Who would have thought that learning the Korean alphabet could be so romantic!

Standing Egg – ‘Because It’s You’

Standing Egg is a legendary K-Indie group that has influenced the hearts of millions. ‘Cuz it’s you’ carries the good vibes with its upbeat acoustic melody and playful lyrics. It carries an infectious warmth that blends perfectly with the springtime atmosphere.

The real cupid may not always hit the target, but the ‘Cupid’ from FIFTY FIFTY just doesn’t miss! It sends an electrical current throughout your body, making it difficult to sit in one place. There must be something magical about the track because it has the power to make you hum its tune all day long.

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Motte – ‘Don’t run away’

Put ‘Don’t Run Away’ if you are having trouble forming the right words. Its acoustic melody is dreamy and makes you feel light. Music encourages you to share your feelings instead of keeping them locked away. By the end of the lovely track, there will be traces of romance all around, just waiting to be embraced between you and your special someone.

Cheeze – ‘Madeleine Love’

‘Madeleine Love’ is an absolute gem. If it could be framed on the wall, we totally would. The music is whimsical and playful, bringing the feel of a vibrant amusement park to a small picnic blanket. You can’t get through this song without ending up with a smile that stretches from ear to ear.

Paul Kim – ‘Me After You’

It’s at the end of the date, which means it’s the perfect time to slow things down with this soulful ballad. ‘Me After You’ can serve as a silent but powerful confession of how much joy that special someone has brought into your life. Her lyrics are genuine, heartfelt and carry a nod of gratitude. With this song, the aroma of romance filled the air, accompanied by a few happy tears.

Did you like this week’s Mood Playlist? Are you ready for a spring picnic? Let us know in the comments!

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