Now in “Fight for My Way”, Park SeoJun is one of the actors who always makes a big hit in romantic dramas. His unique sense of humor and catty words just leave us powerless to fall in love with him more and more.

This is the usual step most fans take when falling in love with Park SeoJun. When one sees him for the first time, it’s not very interesting, as he’s not the typical pretty face. The second time someone sees him, their curiosity is triggered by his own acting style. He plays every role he takes on in his own color of being playful and comical but turns manly when he needs to be. The curious fan will start looking for your past actions and your profile. The game takes place when fans watch him in a kissing scene.

This is the usual step most of his fans told about how they started to adore him. Once you start to love it, it’s time for them to see your beautiful features and tall stature with well-built body. But what they find most attractive is the wide, innocent smile he flashes.

We clarified why and what we love about him, now it’s time to know what HE falls in love with.

Park SeoJunIdeal type compilation

Park SeoJun: I like a woman who looks cool and chic, especially her eyes. I love sharp eyes like a cat’s. I also like someone I can enjoy talking to because we share the same interest. One who is considerate and puts himself in another’s shoes is something else in my ideal type. Also, I tend to like very soft hands.

Korean Celebrity Ideal Type Compilation: Park SeoJun

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