Over the years, Lee Jong Suk has proven himself to be a great actor, starring in various projects and always managing to please audiences. For K-Dramas lovers, you definitely recognize this amazing actor.

Lee JongSuk first debuted in 2005 as a model and became an actor in 2010 through the drama “princess prosecutor“. Since then, he has acted in many notable dramas such as “I can hear your voice“, “W“, “Weight lifting fairy Kim Bok Joo“, “Romance is a bonus book” and “Big Mouth”.

If you’re a loyal fan of this actor, be sure to find out what he looks for in an ideal type!

Korean Celebrity Ideal Type Compilation: Lee JongSuk


Lee Jong Suk’s ideal type

In an interview with ELLE Korea, Lee Jong Suk mentioned that as he gets older, he is thinking about dating and marriage more seriously. Even though he doesn’t plan on getting married anytime soon, he said he would love to meet his ideal type, the right person for him. He then went into more detail about what his ideal type was.

He said that he used to vaguely answer this question in the past, but now he would like to give a clear answer to this question. He said that he would like to date someone who is wise and strong-willed but who he can also respect, but mostly someone who is cute.

Lucky for him, his wish seems to have been granted as we recently learned that he was dating IU, we wish them to be happy for a long time to come!

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