Lee JeHoon is one of those actors who are truly admired for his acting excellence, establishing himself as one of the top actors in Korea today. The versatile actor moves from role to role, perfectly bringing to life the character he’s portraying, and is praised for his ability to portray complex characters with depth and nuance. Among his recent popular dramas such as “Where Stars Land”, “Move To Heaven” and “Taxi Driver”, and its sequel “taxi driver 2.” The actor is also known for his charming and humble personality, making him approachable to his fans.

With more and more fans falling in love with Lee JeHoon, some might be wondering what traits he looks for in a partner. Read on to find out!

Korean Celebrity Ideal Type Compilation: Lee JeHoon

Lee JeHoon’s Instagram

Lee JeHoon’s ideal type

In 2012, the actor mentioned in an interview that he wants to marry a sensible woman. Later in 2021, he participated in the show “My Little Old Boy”, where he was asked once again about his ideal type, and the actor replied that he wants to meet someone he can communicate well with and someone who has a similar profile. I like his in music and movies. Finally, in a participation in “SB-teview”, the actor spoke about not caring about the age of his better half.

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