K-Variety Round Up: Korean Variety Show Highlights That Are The Perfect Serotonin Boost (From The 4th Week Of March)

It feels like the weekend has just begun and now we’re back at the start of another week. The Monday Blues is a real phenomenon that has gripped virtually everyone. Whether it happens once in a lifetime or many, Monday blues can prevent someone from starting the week off on the right foot. But through K-Variety Round Up, we hope to provide the perfect serotonin boost needed to combat the start of the week!

Through this series, we focus on little happenings from various Korean variety shows that you might have missed over the past week/weekend. These clips may appear on social media feeds, but absolutely everything can be difficult to watch while also catering to our busy schedules.

That’s why Kpopmap is here to bring the most uplifting and fun clips to a screen near you! Now, take a look below for a little energy boost on the first day of the week.

Good music, combined with an incredible performance, can be a treat for the eyes and the heart. This combination can get the blood pumping through your veins and create the perfect rush of adrenaline you need to get through the day.

So what better way to start this Monday than a SHINee Key fancam. On tvN’s “amazing saturday”, he is known as the dance genius of the girl group, able to replicate the choreography of any female idol song. He rocks this cover of STAYC’s latest title track, ‘Teddy Bear’. From their facial expressions to their dancing lines, everything is perfect and makes for the ultimate serotonin boost.

2. The chaos of “HyeMiLeeYeChaePa”

Who doesn’t enjoy watching some chaotic fun to start their Monday morning? from ENA”HyeMiLeeYeChaePa” provided viewers with many hilarious moments that make their sides hurt from laughing. This week, one of the girls’ missions was to complete a challenge and, at the end, get a picture taken all together.

The cast members made it through the first two rounds with flying colors. But when the third arrived, chaos ensued. They had to turn 10 times before getting a picture, and that’s when everyone lost their balance. There are people like Girl’s Day’s HyeRi who are struggling to stay upright and then there’s Kim Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM falling gracefully on the back. It was a hysterical mess that you’ll find yourself watching over and over again.

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Not everyone is comfortable in public. Things that are considered simple and easy, like talking to a worker, can be downright stressful. A one-minute interaction might take five minutes for extremely introverted people. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, because you’re not alone! Even a legendary K-Pop idol like BTOB’s ChangSub can be shy and nervous in public.

Recently, ChangSub appeared on the program “I live alone”. Although he is known for being outgoing and charismatic on stage, the idol became a complete introvert while eating alone. The way he looked around the room and asked the worker for help was endearing. It served as a reminder that idols are human too, and that even idols can be careful and tentative in public. The whole moment was funny but exciting to watch.

4. Nordic Curl Demo

It can be hard to hit the gym, especially at the start of another long week. But if you’re looking for some motivation to work out this Monday, look no further! In this last episode of “knowledgeable brothers“, participants in the hit Netflix series”physique 100” were invited to the show!

They demonstrated an extremely difficult exercise called the Nordic curl. While Yun Sung Binwith the help of Choo Sung Hoon, was able to pull this off with ease, the same can’t be said for her “Knowing Bros” co-stars. Although Lee Soo Geun It is min kyung hoon tried seriously, his versions of the exercise had a comedic edge that made onlookers burst out laughing.

5. Crush and Zico reenact “Transit Love”

“Transit Love” was an extremely popular Korean dating reality show. Everyone from enthusiastic netizens to world-renowned K-Pop artists were avid fans of the show. So when Crush and Zico saw her “thermal water” bath, they decided to make a “Transit Love” reference.

They obviously took notes from dating shows like “Transit Love” and quickly got into character, having a serious conversation about “how they felt about each other.” The overall feel and atmosphere really felt like a reality dating show, until Zico ended the reenactment with a lighthearted joke.

We hope that with this edition of K-Variety Round Up, your Monday blues will be cured in no time! Fighting!

Which of these Korean variety moments is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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