Welcome to Kpopmap’s newest weekly series, K-Variety Round Up! Mondays can be brutal and one of the hardest days of the week. Sometimes even five shots of espresso don’t get you through the first day of the week. But through K-Variety Round Up, we hope to provide the perfect serotonin boost to help ease the Monday blues!

Through this series, we focus on tidbits and highlights from various Korean variety shows that you might have missed over the past week/weekend. These clips may show up on social media feeds, but given the amount of scrolling we do, it can be hard to watch them all while also keeping up with our busy schedules.

But that’s why Kpopmap is here to bring the funniest and most heartwarming clips to your fingertips! Now, take a look below for a little dose of happiness on this dreaded Monday.

1. Celebrating EXO DO’s birthday

A new variety show premiered on SBS this week called “No math school trip”. The new series brings together six wild men on a math-free journey through a snow-covered village in Hokkaido, Japan. They take on various missions and engage in unusual games, making people laugh through their charming chemistry.

During the first day of filming, it was EXO DO’s birthday! The rest of his castmates surprised him with a cake, party hats, and even showered him with gifts! In particular, Choi Jung Hoon from JANNABI gifted MAKE a book with a message written inside. The message was strange, but extremely sincere and moving. We can’t wait to see DO and JungHoon’s friendship blossom in “No Math School Trip”!

2. Kim Ji Suk’s Happy Dance

There are many ways to combat the doom and gloom of Mondays. One method is to eat the tastiest food imaginable for one or all of your meals! Sometimes all it takes is one delicious food to enter your stomach for all your worries to disappear.

On this week’s episode of SBS’ “Same bed, different dreams 2” we see actor Kim Ji Suk having the most adorable reaction to Bae Dae Haeis cooking. After one bite, his face lights up and he rocks back and forth in pure bliss. That reaction should be enough to make you fall in love with the actor!

3. MiJoo dancing to ‘Obliviate’

Idol group breakups are inevitable and can happen to almost anyone. But just because a group disbanded doesn’t mean its existence was erased from history. Sometimes we have clips of former members dancing to oldies or singing to their former group’s hit tracks.

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if you are a lovelyz fan, rejoice! In this last episode ofHangout with Yoo”, MiJoo provided the biggest Lovelyz crumbs dancing to ‘Obliviate’. Her performance may have been short lived, but the former girl group member delivered the biggest wave of nostalgia.

4. Strawberry Game Difficulties

If you’re a longtime watcher of Korean variety shows, you’ve probably seen the strawberry game played at least once! It is a simple repetition game in which players must say the word ddalgi, which translates to strawberry in Korean. The number of times they have to say the word depends on the previous player.

In this episode of SBS'”Hall“, actress on the rise YoonSeo’s spirit made an appearance and presented an updated version of the strawberry game. Regardless of the iteration, the “Running Man” cast always has a hard time playing the iconic game. So, with this amended version, there would be numerous hiccups – and hiccups there were! It was hilarious to watch the members of “Running Man” mess it up, to the point where Ji Seok Jin stated that he originally hates strawberries. Hopefully the cast doesn’t have strawberries in their nightmares later that night.

MiYeon has stunning looks and a voice that can win anyone’s heart. In addition to her talent as an idol superstar, she is a comedic goldmine. Her quirky personality makes her effortlessly funny and a joy to watch on any variety show.

One person’s embarrassment is another person’s entertainment. And that is certainly the case for MiYeon. It adds a comic touch to IOI‘s ‘Very Very Very’ and you can totally see her face turning red with embarrassment at the end. It’s ok MiYeon, you brought smiles and laughter to everyone, and that’s what matters in the end.

We hope that with this edition of K-Variety Round Up, your Monday will be filled with happiness and strength. Fighting!

Which of these K-Variety moments is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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