New to hit the screens of Netflix users is the K-Reality show “Physical: 100“, which was released on the OTT platform last January 24. The show is a competition between 100 individuals who are in top physical shape, allowing them to face off against each other, with the aim of being the last one standing on the show. show was an instant hit, with viewers each having their favorites on the show. One of the contestants who is already known to the public is Choo Sung Hoonan MMA athlete who also appeared as SaRang’s father in the variety show “The Return of Superman“.

K-Reality "Physical: 100" Currently ranked #1 most popular TV show on Netflix worldwide

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The show, full of adrenaline, will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat. New episodes of the show are released every Tuesday on Netflix.

According to data provided by FlixPatrol, “Physical 100” is currently ranked the 1st most popular TV show on Netflix worldwide, as of February 9, 2023.

K-Reality "Physical: 100" Currently ranked #1 most popular TV show on Netflix worldwide


You can access this data and much more here. It is important to note that while FlixPatrol has access to data for a large majority, it does not have access to data for every country in the world.

Are you watching “Physical: 100” too? Is the program also popular in your country? Let Kpopmap know your opinion about the program in the comments section!

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