Welcome to the fifth article in our series, “K-Pop Lyrics Explained”, where we take a look at the lyrics to some of your favorite K-Pop songs. Previously, we explained WonHo’s ‘Blue’, WEi’s ‘Starry Night’, Park JiHoon’s ‘Serious’ and Coldplay’s ‘My Universe’ featuring BTS. Today, we are explaining ‘Yours’ by Jin from BTS.

Recently, BTS member Jin made headlines for a stunning song he contributed to the OST of the ongoing mystery drama “Jirisan” starring Jun JiHyun and Ju JiHoon. The song is called ‘Yours’ and it perfectly encapsulates the foggy consciousness that permeates the drama. There’s an ironic but beautiful spirituality to both the music and the story that is transient and mundane at the same time. Nobody but Jin could have brought this masterpiece to life.

The most interesting aspect of ‘Yours’ is that you can see pieces of the BTS universe in it. Read on for a full review and explanation of ‘Yours’ by Jin.

“A deeper day, a longer shadow
The sun is setting in the distance
I think I’m wandering in the dark
Am I stuck here?”

A shadow is created only when someone opposes the light, or rather faces it. The first verse of the song posits an individual who has stared at the light for too long, allowing his shadow to grow large enough to engulf him. As the sun, a symbol of truth and hope, sets in the distance, a person’s shadow grows larger and larger until it is larger than what is real and tangible. That darkness is more frightening than just the mere absence of light. That darkness is within.

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“The place that’s still breathing
I have to get closer to that place”

The only way to escape this abyss is to find the light that shines tirelessly in the depths of the heart: the soul. It is here that the spiritual aspect of the lyrics shines through, further highlighting the meaning of the rich inner world of the mountains. Jin brilliantly brings together two completely unrelated streams and creates a new stream of consciousness from them.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What is the meaning of 'Yours' by BTS Jin?


“Every day you seem so far away
Every time you do I tell myself
I’m waiting right here
Every night I see you in my heart
Every time I do I end up crying
When I call you in the dark”

The soul is unbreakable and immovable and the only one with the soul map it’s the me. No matter how far you’ve strayed from your truth, you can guide yourself back if you tap into the recesses of your own heart.

“The place where time stood still
Now I have to go back”

The only way to overcome the shadow is to come to terms with it: a concept BTS delves into through “Introduction: Person“, “Interlude: Shadow” It is “other: ego“.

There couldn’t be a more brilliant way to fuse BTS’s musical identity with the core tenets of “Jirisan” and it’s not surprising that it came from one of the most poetry-inclined members, Jin.

What did you think of Jin’s ‘Yours’? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section below!

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