Welcome to the seventh article in our series, “K-Pop Lyrics Explained”, where we take a look at the lyrics to some of your favorite K-Pop songs. Previously, we explained WonHo’s ‘Blue’, WEi’s ‘Starry Night’, Park JiHoon’s ‘Serious’, BTS’s Jin’s ‘Yours’, SF9’s ‘Trauma’ and Coldplay’s ‘My Universe’ featuring BTS.

Today, we’re explaining WonHo’s ‘White Miracle’ for a special holiday edition of this series!

The holiday season is here and our favorite K-Pop artists are showering us with wonderful gifts to end the year with special singles, comebacks and more. One such artist we are grateful for, WonHo, recently released his Japanese single ‘White Miracle’ to make this winter even more special by imbuing it with meaning and love. Rather than making it the ultimate Christmas song, WonHo expresses a universal message of unity through ‘White Miracle’ that anyone can resonate with. In a way, it’s also a song that WonHo might as well dedicate to WENEE.

Read on for a full breakdown and explanation of WonHo’s ‘White Miracle’.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What is the Meaning of WonHo's 'White Miracle'?

WonHo’s Twitter

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What is the Meaning of WonHo's 'White Miracle'?

WonHo’s Twitter

“White miracles will fall / And cover our wounds”

It is often said that the cold snow of winter covers spring, which symbolizes life and vitality. Trust WonHo to turn those assumptions upside down as he welcomes winter with the hope of healing.

“You feel it too, don’t you? / You can feel it”

The end of the year marks a new beginning on the horizon, a chance to start over, and this feeling is not just a personal feeling, but one that echoes around the world. WonHo feels it and he’s sure WENEE does too.

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“In a world shining pure white / The sound of bells remains / Unable to feel at ease in a quiet town / I’m still looking for a voice / To guide me”

In a rather mature turn, WonHo reminds us that even though it’s a happy time, with bright white snow falling on us like a blessing and bells ringing in the air, the ever-changing transience of the human experience implies that it might still just be a cold night. and quiet winter for someone – someone who needs warmth and a kind word.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What is the Meaning of WonHo's 'White Miracle'?

Won Ho’s Twitter

“Being with you / now I realize what it means / Surely, white miracles will fall / And cover our wounds”

In tough times, all you need is a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on. In a wonderfully moving second verse, WonHo thanks WENEE for holding him, strong and proud.

“White Miracles Fall / Where You Are”

Finally, WonHo wishes the best for WENEE, for you, so that you can lean on him too.

What did you take away from ‘White Miracle’? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section below. Don’t forget to let us know which K-Pop song or music video you’d like us to explain next!

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