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Today, we’re diving deep into the meaning behind the lyrics to Sorn’s ‘Sharp Objects’!

Newly signed to global entertainment company WILD Entertainment Group, Sorn is starting a new journey as a soloist and is doing so with all the glam, glam and sass we could ever imagine. His newest single ‘Sharp Objects’ talks about Sorn’s passionate and, more importantly, unstoppable desire to conquer the music industry. A love song (or rather a song about love) on the surface, ‘Sharp Objects’ carries layers of meaning that are definitely fun to unpack, so let’s go!

Mama always said love is a crazy game/saw it drive her crazy till she went crazy/ Walking on the broken glass of the picture frames / Guess I didn’t learn my lesson from her pain

Sorn wastes no time in diving right into her story, making sure we know this isn’t her first time at the rodeo of love. Indeed, his proclivities, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, run in his blood. In this fictional narrative, Sorn implies that, despite coming from a broken family, the only thing he has learned is to love a lot or not to love.

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: What's the Hidden Meaning Behind Sorn's Latest Single 'Sharp Objects'

Sorn’s Instagram

It’s dangerous / But I play with sharp objects

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Taking romance and relationships out of the equation, we’re left with a framework for how Sorn possibly views the music industry. It wasn’t easy to reach the scale of success she enjoys today and now she’s on the cusp of an even bigger journey. However, this does not intimidate her in the least, because this thorny path to success is her pink playground.

Maybe it’s because my tongue is a razor blade / That I can take a paper cut without a band-aid

Sorn realizes her own worth and that’s exactly what protects her against adversity. Tempered by experience, she is a diamond: stronger than ever.

If there’s no difference / Between loving and running with scissors / Then I’m fine / Cause that’s the kind of rush I crave

Things that would normally be toxic to others become toys for Sorn. She deftly incorporates the analogy of relationships into that of taking leaps of faith in what makes you happy.

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: What's the Hidden Meaning Behind Sorn's Latest Single 'Sharp Objects'

Sorn’s Instagram

Ultimately, Sorn is in control and knows exactly what he’s doing. ‘Sharp Objects’ is not a pity party for dangerous liaisons, but rather an invitation for the world to come to her. Knowing she will emerge victorious either way, Sorn is choosing to play along and we’re living for it.

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